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Bigg Boss OTT Season 2 is one of the most famous shows on TV right now. The first episode aired on June 17, 2023, on JioCinemas. This season, Bollywood superstar Salman Khan made his digital debut and presented the 13 contestants of Big Brother OTT 2. Many of them, like actress Jiya Shankar, actor Abhishek Malhan (Fukra Insaan), and director Pooja Bhatt, are new to the show. One of them is the Lebanese model and actor Jad Hadid, who is already getting a lot of attention for his good looks and the way he gets along with women. Jad is the first Arab person to ever be on Bigg Boss. Let’s find out more about Bigg Boss OTT 2’s “Habibi.”

Who is Jad Hadid?

The real name of Jad Hadid is Mohammed Hassan Hadid. Jad Hadid has a rich and varied background, just like Bigg Boss Season 16’s star contestant Abdu Rozik. Jad, who is from a different country and has a unique mix of experiences, gives people a chance to learn about different ideas and gain a better understanding of other cultures.

Jad Hadid’s Biography

Hadid was born on January 10, 1986, and grew up in Lebanon. Jad Hadid’s parents gave him up when he was three years old because they were having money problems. When he was seven, he was taken in by a shelter. Because he grew up in a home and did not go to school, Jad Hadid did not get a good education.

Jad Hadid Net Worth

When he was only 11, he was seen on the street and asked to play in commercials and other small jobs. This was the start of his professional career. He went on to become a well-known face in Lebanese magazines and posters, and he has even walked the stage at Beirut Fashion Week. Jad Hadid is known for having a great body, and he has even walked the runway for the famous company Faraz Manan. Jad is one of the Middle East’s most famous and well-off models. In 2011, the movie “Out Loud” was his first role. In 2020, ‘Debtelle’ was his first web series.

Jad Hadid’s Net Worth

According to online sources, Jad Hadid has an estimated net worth of 150 crore rupees. He is one of the Middle East’s best-paid and best-known models. In 2011, the 37-year-old actor made his first movie, Out Loud. Debtelle, which came out in 2020, was his first web series. Over 379K people follow him on Instagram.

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Jad Hadid’s net worth is influenced by multiple factors, including his acting career, investments, brand collaborations, real estate holdings, and other income streams.

Jad Hadid’s Love Life

In 2017, Jad got married to a fitness model named Ramona Khalil.  She owns Go Light Gourmet, which delivers detox and healthy foods. In 2017, the couple went down the aisle, but they broke up soon after.

Jad and Ramona are happy to have a daughter who is four years old. Their daughter’s name is Cattleya Hadid, and she has her own Instagram page with more than 47,000 fans. Last month, the model posted a message and some cute pictures of her daughter.

Jad Hadid Net Worth

“I’ve never wanted to say so much but said so little, felt so much but couldn’t say it because the feeling is so much bigger than the words I’m going to use! Well, I have to say that I’m lucky and blessed more than anyone else. First, for being a father, and then for being your dad. I love you, you bright little star. You make me happy, so thank you. “Thank you so much, Dad,” the post’s description said.

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But Jad said that he is separated and is raising his daughter with his ex-wife. He is also looking for his “Miss India” because he likes Indian women.

Jad Hadid Divorce

The Bigg Boss OTT 2 seems to be turning into a love triangle because Jad Hadid seems to like Akanksha Puri. Manisha Rani has also been playing with the Firangi model, who is also the first Arab to be on Bigg Boss. Jad told the other Big Brother housemates that he is divorced. He said that he gets along well with his ex-wife, but he didn’t say why they got a divorce.

Jad Flirts With Women of Bigg Boss OTT 2 House

In the most recent show, Jiya Shankar and Jad were seen flirting with each other, which made fans wonder if there was a chance they could end up together. Jiya also said that Jad was someone she liked.

Jad Hadid Net Worth

Jad also taught Bebika Dhurve and Manisha Rani how to work out, and there was some flirting between the contestants there, too. Jab and Manisha both started the show on the same day and since then, they have gotten along well.

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