Jackson Mahomes’s Kissing Video: Lets Talk About His Video Gone Viral on Many Social Media Sites Updated News! 2023

Jackson Mahomes’s Kissing Video: The video of Jackson Mahomes being arrested has gone viral on many social media sites and has gotten a lot of attention.

Mahomes is the younger brother of NFL quarterback Patrick Mahomes and has a big following on social media.

He became well-known because of his TikTok videos, and he now has a lot of fans on many social media sites.

In 2019, he started making videos for TikTok. His dancing videos and behind-the-scenes looks at his life as the brother of a famous player quickly got him a lot of fans.

Jackson Mahomes has since added Instagram and YouTube to his social media accounts, where he posts about travel, fashion, and exercise, among other things. He has also worked as an ambassador for a number of brands.

Jackson Mahomes’s Kissing Video Has Gone Viral on Reddit.

A video from security footage that was posted online seemed to show Jackson Mahomes grabbing Vaughn by the neck and kissing her twice against her will.

Vaughn told the press that she got a bruise on her neck because of what happened.

Vaughn also said that she had pushed Mahomes away and asked someone outside the office for help when he kept coming back.

Aspen Vaughn, the owner of Aspens Restaurant and Bar Lounge in Overland Park, says that Jackson Mahomes pushed a 19-year-old waitress at her business several times.

Jackson Mahomes's Kissing Video:

Vaughn said that Mahomes asked to talk to her privately about the situation, but then he reportedly attacked the 40-year-old woman.

The Kansas City Star said that there were accusations made against Jackson Mahomes at the beginning of March.

The video, which can still be found online, also shows that Mahomes pushed the woman and made her kiss him alone.

But Mahomes’ lawyer, Brandan Davies, said that his client had done nothing wrong in answer to the claims.

Brandan said that their investigation, which included statements from multiple witnesses, had found a lot of proof that Mahomes’ accuser’s claims were not true.

Davies also said that the results of their review had been given to law enforcement to make sure they knew everything about what happened.


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Arrest and Charge of Jackson Mahomes

The Associated Press says that 22-year-old social media star Jackson Mahomes has been arrested and charged with one count of battery and three counts of aggravated sexual battery.

According to online records filed by the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office, he was taken into custody at the Johnson County Detention Center around 8 a.m. local time.

Mahomes is being held with a $100,000 bond, and he will be charged on Wednesday afternoon.

Mahomes was arrested because it was said that on February 25, he attacked a diner owner and pushed a waiter at a bar in Kansas City.

Jackson Mahomes's Kissing Video:

Mahomes went to court Wednesday afternoon, where he entered and paid his bail. At the moment, we don’t know what Mahomes said in court. The next time Jackson is supposed to go to court is on May 11.

Mahomes has been in a lot of difficult situations in the past. In September 2021, after the Kansas City Chiefs lost to the Baltimore Ravens, he was seen on video pouring water on Ravens fans.

Mahomes had also said bad things about a Kansas City bar on social media, and he was later seen in a video yelling at a bartender.

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