Is Zubin Leaving ESPN With Alan Hahn as His Replacement? A Look at His Profession 2023

Is Zubin Leaving ESPN With Alan Hahn as His Replacement? Since Zubin Mehenti hasn’t been seen around for a while, people are wondering about where he is now.

In 2011, the American radio host and sportscaster started working for ESPN. The person has worked as a host for different kinds of SportsCenter.

Well, Zubin is well-known because he co-hosts a morning show on ESPN Radio with Keyshawn, JWill, and Zubin.

Zubin’s parents came to the U.S. from India. He worked his way up in the business world and made a name for himself.

When it comes to the host’s schooling, Zubin has a BA in writing from the well-known Rutgers University and a BA in political science from the same school.

Is Zubin Leaving ESPN With Alan Hahn as His Replacement?

Zubin hasn’t been on the Keyshawn, JWill, and Zubin show for a while, which is sad. In August 2020, he took over for Mike Golic as the host of the 6-10 morning show.

Zubin Mehenti is a man of the people, and he often talked about how his fans should keep them because they were what made the show work.

He also talked about how similar the people who listen to sports talk radio are. The host also brought up the fact that some people have been watching the show since the 1980s.

Alan Hahn filled in for Zubin while he was out of town. There were rumors that Zubin would not be able to return to the show and that Alan could take his place permanently.

Is Zubin Leaving ESPN With Alan Hahn as His Replacement?

Unfortunately, ESPN Radio’s ratings dropped by a lot in the fall of 2020. This may have also helped the presenter decide to do something so extreme.

Mehenti isn’t to blame for the drop in ratings because the Covid-19 pandemic made thousands of users sick and made people stay home from work.

Also, The Sun says that Mehenti will finally go back to SportsCenter and that he won’t switch places with Hahn.

Still, Keyshawn, JWill, and Max’s official Twitter account wrote that he is welcome back whenever he is ready.


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The 2023 Health and Illness Problem of Zubin Mehenti

When Zubin didn’t show up on the show, many fans worried about how he was doing. Sadly, it came out that the host had been diagnosed with diabetes.

So it seems likely that Zubin Mehenti’s illness or health problems are the main reason he isn’t there.

Since then, a lot of Zubin’s friends have been afraid that he has been hurt badly. Still, there hasn’t been any new information about what kind of diabetes he has or how his health is right now.

Beyond Zubin Mehenti’s Profession

As was said above, Zubin joined ESPN in 2011, where he worked on several shows on ESPN Radio.

ESPN Press Room says that Mehenti’s first job after finishing college was for Melinda Murphy, who used to work for CBS News. He was a director at WPIX-TV in New York.

Then, from September 2001 to September 2005, he worked at Central Iowa’s ABC station, where he did things like write, edit, produce, shoot videos, and file reports.

Is Zubin Leaving ESPN With Alan Hahn as His Replacement?

Then, Zubin worked at KDVR-TV (Fox)/KWGN-TV (CW) in Denver for six years. Only Zubin Mehenti’s work has been shown to the public, so fans must be very interested in the host’s private life.

Many people might think, based on his age, that he is already married and must have some kids.

But because the host likes to keep things to himself, not much is known about his home life.

Still, we don’t know where Zubin Mehenti is right now. All we can do is wish him well and hope he will show up in the news soon.

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