Is Tiffany Chen Pregnant Again? A Look Her Changes to the Baby Bump and Health

Is Tiffany Chen Pregnant Again? It has been said that Robert De Niro and his wife Chen have had their seventh child.

Tiffany Chen is a teacher of martial arts. She also does work in the movie business. Chen got a lot of attention when it was said that she was dating 79-year-old star Robert De Niro.

It is said that the couple has been together for a while. Also, the two are said to have recently had their first child together.

The news that the two-time Oscar winner had his seventh child blew up the internet. People are asking if the actor’s alleged girlfriend, Tiffany Chen, is the mother of his new child after the shocking news.

Is Tiffany Chen Pregnant Again? Changes to the Baby Bump and Health

Rober De Niro and Tiffany Chen, who is said to be his lover, are said to have had a baby earlier this month. Since Chen is said to have just had a baby, it is unlikely that she is pregnant again.

People seem to have thought that De Niro’s supposed girlfriend is pregnant again because there has been a lot of talk about the actor’s new baby.

Is Tiffany Chen Pregnant Again?

Robert De Niro shocked a lot of people when he said that he now has seven children. During an interview with ET Canada, De Niro talked about his way of raising his six children.

But he quickly set the record straight, telling the reporter that he now has seven kids because he just had a new one. The actor from “Cape Fear” recently had his seventh child.

Even though the actor didn’t say much about his new baby or the mother of the baby, many people think that Tiffany Chen is the mother of the actor’s seventh child.

But the formal report about the things we’ve talked about so far hasn’t been confirmed or answered yet. But it’s not clear if that’s what De Niro plans to do.

Who is Tiffany Chen? Robert De Niro’s Alleged Girlfriend

It is said that Tiffany Chen teaches martial arts and works in the movie business. People think that they met on the set of the 2015 movie The Intern.

Chen has made a name for herself in Hollywood by appearing in movies, like the short film Good Manners from 2010, where she used her martial arts skills.

Since she was a child, De Niro’s claimed partner has done dance, swimming, gymnastics, figure skating, and martial arts. She has also won a number of awards in different countries.

Even though there was a rumor that she was dating the star in the past, she got a lot of attention when De Niro said he had a new baby.


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Relationship Between Robert De Niro and Tiffany Chen

Robert De Niro and Tiffany Chen have been seen together more than once by the press. Several online sites say that the two worked together on the 2015 movie The Intern. In 2021, they started going out together. Also, the claimed couple was in France for the actor’s 78th birthday party.

You may already know that Robert De Niro has six kids from different marriages. The Hollywood star’s kids are Drena, Raphael, Elliot, Helen Grace, Julian, and Aaron De Niro.

Is Tiffany Chen Pregnant Again?

With his first wife, Grace Hightower, he had two children. In the same way, the star and his second wife, Diahnne Abbott, had two children.

The other two kids are from a relationship between the skilled artist and model Toukie Smith from the late 1980s to the mid-1990s.

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