Is Thando Thabethe Pregnant? Let’s Talk About Her Current Relationships in 2023

Is Thando Thabethe Pregnant? A few days after it was said that Thando was dating TV host Robert Marawa, pictures of what looks like Thando with a baby bump went popular. But that’s not all there is to it.

Thando Thabethe is a well-known South African actress and radio host. She is also known for hosting the famous TV show Thando Bares All on Channel TLC.

In 2003, the 947 drive-time hosts went into the performance business. A twenty-year job has brought the beautiful woman a lot of fame and success.

On a personal level, it is said that Thabethe is dating TV host Robert Marawa. Reports say that the two were seen holding hands and having a good time.

The story about the actor came out not too long ago. Now, reports that she is pregnant have made her a big deal online. But is the TV star really expecting a baby?

Is Thando Thabethe Pregnant? Baby Belly

Thando Thabethe is not expecting a baby. Pictures of a woman who looked like the 32-year-old star went viral, which started the story that she was pregnant.

The person who looks like Thabethe is on Twitter under the name @NeotleM. Neontle Mogomotsi, which is her full name, is pregnant. She showed off her baby bump in some photos she shared on social media on May 29.

Mogomotsi’s pictures went viral right away because she looked like the radio DJ. Many of Thando’s friends said they had to look at the pictures twice to make sure she wasn’t in them.

Is Thando Thabethe Pregnant?

Many of Thando’s friends congratulated her on her first child, even though they thought Mogomotsi was Thando. But some smart people on social media saw that it wasn’t the star in the picture that was going around. “I thought you were Thando Thanethe for a second,” someone wrote on social media.

Some people even said that the woman must be related to Mogomotsi because they look so much alike. One person on Twitter said that Neontle Mogomotsi could be mistaken for Thando Thabethe’s twin sister.

But the actor has nothing to do with the woman. Still, Thando Thabethe is not pregnant, and the baby in the pictures is not the star.

There are rumors that Thando Thabethe’s husband, Robert Marawa, is seeing him. Sunday World reported on May 25 that there are reports that Robert Marawa and Thando Thabethe are dating. Reports say that the two were seen holding hands and kissing.

It has been said that the two well-known TV stars have been spending a lot of time together and going out to dinner with friends.

At a dinner date earlier this month, the two people were seen holding hands and looked like they were dating. They were said to be smiling big while holding hands on top of the table.

Even so, neither Marawa nor Thanethe has confirmed the report that they are dating. Robert is said to have said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about” when asked about the situation.

Thando Thabethe’s Relationships

Thando Thabethe has been linked to a few well-known guys in the entertainment business.

In 2020, the beautiful actress went out with the model-actor Lunga Shabalala. Thabethe was with well-known Nigerian businessman Jail Abolore before she started dating Lunga.

Is Thando Thabethe Pregnant?

After they broke up, Thabethe and Abolore got back together, but their relationship didn’t last long.

In the same way, the person from Johannesburg was dating Frans Mashao. The first couple almost said they were going to get married. During a big event, they got engaged.

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