Is Singer Kelis Dating Actor Bill Murray? Relationship Rumors Explored!

It looks like love is in the air for American singer Kelis and Hollywood star Bill Murray. The Sun says that the Milkshake singer is currently dating the Ghostbusters star.

For those who don’t know, let us tell you that the Emmy-winning star and the singer are almost 30 years apart in age. Bill is 72 years old right now, while Kelis is 42 years old. Read on for more information about Kelis and Bill Murray’s growing relationship.

Actor Bill Murray is Rumoured to Be Dating “Milkshake” Singer Kelis.

You did read that correctly. The Sun said that Bill and Kelis started dating after he saw her perform at the Mighty Hoopla event in South London last weekend. According to people who know both of them, he was seen at one of her shows cheering her on.

Is Singer Kelis Dating Actor Bill Murray

A close friend told the media outlet, “They’ve met up in the States before, which got people in the business talking, and now they’re meeting up in London while they’re both here. They’re obviously getting along.”

“They were both seen at the same hotel, and he had seen her perform several times before he went to Mighty Hoopla,” the insider said. But they’ve both lost loved ones in the past few years, so they have that in common.”

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The close friend went on, “Whatever brought them together, and no matter how unlikely it seems, they are both single and having fun, even though they are quite a few years apart.” As of right now, neither Bill nor Kelis has said anything public about their relationship.

Bill Murray’s Past Relationships

Bill Murray has been down the aisle a total of two times up to this point. At first, in 1981, he got married to Margaret Kelly. On January 25, 1981, they said their vows. During their time together, they had two boys, Homer and Luke. When Kelly found out about Bill’s affair with Jennifer Butler in 1996, their marriage ended.

Then, the actor from “The Man Who Knew Too Little” went on with Jennifer Butler. 1997 was the year they tied the knot. Caleb, Jackson, Cooper, and Lincoln are the names of the four boys that the couple had together.

In May 2008, Butler asked Murray for a divorce and said he was violent, unfaithful, and addicted to drugs and drink. On June 13, 2008, they were no longer married. In January 2021, Jennifer died.

Kelis’s Love Life

Kelis has also been married twice. This is part of her personal life. In 2005, the rapper Nas became her first husband. She was born and raised in New York. In 2009, she said that he had hurt her mentally and physically while they were married. They have a boy together named Knight.

Is Singer Kelis Dating Actor Bill Murray

The Get Along With You singer married photographer Mike Mora in 2014. He died of stage 4 stomach cancer in March of last year, when he was 37 years old. The couple has two kids: a boy named Shepherd, who is 8, and a girl named Galilee, who is 2.

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