Is Simone Biles Pregnant? Is She Having Another Baby? Latest News 2023

Is Simone Biles Pregnant? Simone Biles Owens is a gymnast from the United States. She and Shannon Miller are tied for the most Olympic medals won by an American gymnast, with seven each.

Is Simone Biles Pregnant?

No. Simone Biles is not pregnant, at present. In other words, the gymnast is not going to have a child, so the reports are completely untrue. She put a picture of herself holding her baby niece online, which made people think she was pregnant.

Is Simone Biles Pregnant?

Is Simone Biles in a Relationship?

She is, in fact, married. The gold winner at the Olympics and Jonathan Owens will get married on April 22, 2023, a year after they announced they were engaged. “THE EASIEST YES,” was what Biles wrote back then. “I can’t wait to spend forever and ever with you, because you’re more than I could have ever dreamed! Let’s get wedded FIANCÉ @jowens_3.”

Since they first announced their relationship in August 2020, the couple has been giving fans cute updates. Owens helped the athlete when she dropped out of several events at the Tokyo Olympics in August 2021 so she could focus on her mental health.

After Biles won the bronze medal in the women’s balance beam final, he wrote on Instagram, “Words cannot explain how proud I am of you right now!! Late in 2022, Biles and Owens put pictures of their engagement on their Instagram pages.

Owens wrote in the post’s description, “You deserve a bow from the whole world.” So thankful for you” with the line, “You deserve the world to bow down to you.” After a few months, the couple practiced to get ready for the “big cake-cutting moment” at their wedding.

In April 2023, Biles and Owens marked their upcoming wedding with a “Cloud 9”-themed party. She looked beautiful in a white dress with a high neck, while her guests wore different shades of blue.

Is Simone Biles Pregnant?

The couple got their marriage license a week before their wedding. Biles posted a picture of the two people smiling as they held the paper.

She put “Almost time to say ‘I do'” as the text for the picture on Instagram.


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They Met on a Dating Site.

Biles and Owens first met on the dating app Raya in 2020. Biles made the first move. “He would say I slid into his Ds and Ms,” Biles told Wsj. Magazine in July 2021. “I saw him and thought, ‘Oh, he’s pretty cute,’ so I went up to him and said hello…Then I found out that he lived in the Houston area, so we started talking. A few weeks later, we met up.

Their relationship moved forward steadily until Biles’s sister decided to speed things up by inviting Owens to their lake house vacation. After that, they started spending more time together, and the pandemic gave them a chance to get to know each other really well.

Owens told Texas Monthly in June 2021, “It was one of the few times in her life when she felt completely helpless and unable to do anything.” “So, we used it to get to know each other better—really get to know each other. It brought us together and made us closer. Now, I’m so grateful.”

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