Is Rick Cosnett Gay? How Did Rick Cosnett Come Out as Gay?

Rick Cosnett is an actor and producer who was born in Zimbabwe and lives in Australia. He is best known for his parts in The Vampire Diaries, The Flash, and Quantico. He has also been in movies like Skybound, The Bet, and The Timing of Love. He is Hugh Grant’s cousin, and he can play music well. People like his playing and the way he looks, so he has a lot of fans. But many fans also want to know about his private life and if he is gay or straight. Is Rick Cosnett a lesbian? How did he escape? Who does he like? Who does he supposedly date? How has the fact that he is gay hurt his career? We’ll answer these questions and more in this blog post.

Who Is Rick Cosnett?

He was born in Chegutu, Zimbabwe, on April 6, 1983. He was raised on a farm and became interested in playing at a young age. He took part in musical theatre with his family and friends at a local theatre. Because of changes to the way land was owned in Zimbabwe when he was 17, his family moved to Queensland,

Australia. He went to school at the Queensland University of Technology and got a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting when he was done. His first jobs as an actor were on Australian TV shows like Forensic Investigators, headLand, and East-West 101. Then he went to the U.S. and got parts in shows like The Vampire Diaries, The Flash, and Quantico. His co-star, Jesse L. Martin, also directed and starred in a short film called The Letter Carrier, which he also created and starred in.

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Is Rick Cosnett Gay?

Rick Cosnett came out as gay on his Instagram account on February 13, 2020. He put up a minute-long film in which he said, “Hello, everyone. Dramatic pause…I’m gay.” He said that he wanted to live his truth every day, but that it was hard for him to do so because of things he learned as a child and because of how society works. He said he was sure most of his friends already knew and thanked them for their support. He smiled and waved as the video came to an end.

Is Rick Cosnett Gay

The video was seen by more than 200,000 people, and he got thousands of comments from fans and other celebs who praised him for being brave and honest. Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker, Carlos Valdes, Keiynan Lonsdale, Matt Letscher, Shantel VanSanten, Robbie Amell, Italia Ricci, Malese Jow, Michael Trevino, Steven R. McQueen, Zach Roerig, Michael Malarkey, Kayla Ewell, Nathalie Kelley, and Robbie Amell were among the famous people who replied to his post.

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Who is Rick Cosnett Dating?

Rick Cosnett hasn’t said if he is dating anyone right now in public. He has kept his personal life private and hasn’t said anything about his past or current relationships. But there have been some reports and guesses about his love life based on what he has said and done on social media.

One of the rumours was that he was going out with his publicly gay co-star on the show Quantico, Russell Tovey. The rumour started when Cosnett shared a photo of himself with Tovey on Instagram with the caption “Happy birthday @russelltovey! You are one of my favourite people on this planet.” Tovey answered, “Love you, @rickcosnett. Thanks for being so wonderful.” Some fans saw this as a sign that the two stars were in love with each other.

Is Rick Cosnett Gay

There was also a report that he was dating his co-star on The Flash, Carlos Valdes, who plays Cisco Ramon. In 2017, Cosnett shared a video of himself singing with Valdes on Instagram with the caption “Happy birthday, @thecarlosvaldes.” This started the rumour. You are one of my favourite people on Earth.” Valdes answered, “Love you, @rickcosnett. Thanks for being so wonderful.” Some fans saw this as a sign that the two stars were in love with each other.

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But neither Cosnett nor Tovey nor Valdes has said whether these reports are true or not. They could just be good friends who like being around each other and helping each other with their jobs.

Has Rick Cosnett’s Career Been Affected by His Sexuality?

Rick Cosnett’s work hasn’t been hurt by the fact that he is gay. In fact, since he came out as gay, his friends and peers have shown him more love and support. He has also kept working as an actor and a director on a number of different projects.

Some of the projects he’s worked on or will work on when he gets out are:

  • TV in Bed: It is a comedy show that he made with Ty Kirby and acted in.
  • Master Gardener: He produced and played in the drama film Master Gardener with Stephen Collins.
  • Stop and Smell the Roses: It is a comedy movie that he and James Watkins made and acted in.
  • Shoulder Dance: is a comedy movie that he and Roger made and were in together.
  • Mrs. American Pie: He played Sergeant Tom Sanka in Mrs. American Pie, a comedy show.
  • The Flash: In seasons 8 and 9 of the superhero show The Flash, he will play Eddie Thawne again.

Rick Cosnett has also used his platform to fight for LGBTQ+ rights and issues.

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