Is Maya Vander Pregnant Again? When Did She Announce Her Third Pregnancy? 2023

Is Maya Vander Pregnant Again? The rainbow baby born to Maya Vander has come into the world. The Selling Sunset star and her husband Dave Miller have had their third child almost a year and a half after she said she had a stillbirth at 38 weeks in December 2021.

The expert in high-end real estate and her husband, Dave Miller, have a baby girl. They already have two kids together, a son named Aiden and a daughter named Elle. Read on to find out more about the new baby girl, including what a cute name she has.

Maya Vander and Her Spouse, Dave Miller, Are Expecting Their Third Child.

Maya Vander and Dave Miller now have a son and a daughter. On Thursday, May 11, 2023, she told everyone on Instagram that her daughter Emma Reign had been born.

“Welcome, Emma Reign, to the world! My colorful baby! I tried to keep my pregnancy as quiet as possible on social media, so it was a long 9 months. “I just had a baby a few days ago, and words can’t describe how happy and relieved I am,” she wrote in the post’s description.

Is Maya Vander Pregnant Again?

Vander added, “Thank you so much @femcareobgyn and dr Senemar. Thank you to the staff at Baptist Hospital, who are wonderful. I will always be thankful, and yes, I’m wearing a mask because of course I had the worst cold, but I made it to push a baby out with a stuffy nose;)”

Early in May, Maya Vander gave birth to her daughter Emma Reign. The reality TV star and her husband told People magazine that their daughter Emma Reign was born at Baptist Hospital in Miami at the beginning of May.

Vander told the media source, “I was very quiet about the pregnancy until the end. Now that I have given birth and we are both safe, I feel so much better.” She even talked about when her daughter was born.

The famous TV star went on to say, “I had to be forced at 37 weeks. My stillbirth happened when I was 38, so my doctor didn’t want to take any risks. In the end, he checked on me twice a week.

Maya went on to say, “I went into labor on my own, just like all of my other children.” Even though she got better quickly, she said she had a scare. She went on, “As I was pushing, her heartbeat dropped. The cord turned out to be around the neck. It was scary because I had just lost someone. My husband was very worried, and all I could think about was getting her out. My gynecologist, Dr. Senemar, was great, and so were the staff.

Why Did Maya Vander and Dave Miller Give Their Daughter the Name Emma?

The couple liked the name Emma for their baby girl because “it sounds good with Aiden and Elle,” and they wanted to pair the “simple and classy” name with something strong. “As for Reign, she rules like a queen, and I love that it has a strong meaning. We thought Emma Reign was a great name for her,” they told the magazine.


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When Did Maya Vander Say She Was Pregnant for the Third Time?

For those of you who don’t know, let us tell you that Maya Vander just told everyone that she was going to have her third child. At the time, she said she was “9 months pregnant” and “expecting a baby girl any day now.”

Is Maya Vander Pregnant Again?

During an interview at the time with The US Sun, Maya said, “It’s exciting, but because of what happened last time, I have more fears and worries this time around. I didn’t talk about it on social media because I lost a baby when I was nine months pregnant.

Maya Vander and Dave Miller now have another part of their clan. We are so happy for them. Don’t forget to check back with us to find out what’s going on in Hollywood.

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