Is Mary Fitzgerald Pregnant Again? Lets Talk About Her Abortion and Health in 2023

Is Mary Fitzgerald Pregnant Again? People on social media have said that Selling Sunset star Mary Fitzgerald is pregnant, and people want to know the truth.

Selling Sunset fans know Mary Bonnet as one of the real estate agents on the show. She is also known as one of the most laid-back and career-focused group members.

Also, the agent has worked with some amazing listings worth millions of dollars on the show. Mary is an American, but the famous person has moved around a lot during her work.

Fitzgerald went to college in Indiana and got his degree from Ball State University. He then went to New York and London to work in business. She lives in Los Angeles now and works on the show Selling Sunset.

The agent has been in the real estate business for more than 15 years and is the vice president of The Oppenheim Group.

The Selling Sunset star agent stands out for her hard work, honesty, and ethics. She has helped both buyers and sellers in LA’s high-end real estate market, where she has sold over $105 million worth of homes.

The agent also works closely with the company’s president, Jason Oppenheim. This helps the company’s real estate deals, property management, and business growth in a big way.

Whether someone wants to buy or sell a home, Mary has the knowledge, global reach, and 2.2 million social media followers to help them market their property.

Selling Sunset: Is Mary Fitzgerald Pregnant Again?

After reports about the Selling Sunset star’s pregnancy went viral, many people are asking, “Is Mary Fitzgerald pregnant again?”

But the rumors about Mary Fitzgerald’s pregnancy aren’t true, because neither she nor any other reliable source has confirmed the facts.

Even though she already has a son, she has been getting fertility treatments to help her eggs get fertilized. This will give her and Romain the best chance of getting pregnant if they decide to have another child.

Is Mary Fitzgerald Pregnant Again?

Fitzgerald says in the video that none of the eggs they collected and fertilized were good enough to transfer, so she and Romain are starting over.

She tells her people that if they want to freeze their eggs, they should do it as soon as possible.

Mary is coming out now because she knows how common this is and how many people go through it, which is not easy to do.

The reality TV star and real estate agent was trying to have a child with her French husband, Romain Bonnet, but she had a miscarriage because of an infection.


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The Abortion of Mary Fitzgerald and Her Health

Mary Fitzgerald told her friends and admirers about her miscarriage on her social media sites.

After she got pregnant, the realtor and star of Selling Sunset said that her vacation with her husband Romain Bonnet in January did not go as planned.

Is Mary Fitzgerald Pregnant Again?

Fitzgerald had surgery after she found out she was pregnant, but her happiness didn’t last long. She had a miscarriage, which doctors later called a “septic miscarriage.”

The Mayo Clinic says that a septic miscarriage happens when an illness spreads to the whole uterus.

Mary told the agent that she lost a baby, but the agent said that even though Mary was sad, she should keep trying to get pregnant.

The star of a Netflix reality show is married to the French model Romain Bonnet, and she has been open with her fans about her problems with not being able to have children.

The star gave a sad update when she said on social media that she had miscarried because of an infection.

Mary said in the teary video update that she wanted to be honest with her fans and give hope to those who had been through something similar.

Even though Mary Fitzgerald had a loss, she is in good health. After the heartbreaking septic miscarriage, viewers were worried about the reality star’s mental health and were afraid for her.

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