Is Malaika Arora Pregnant? Arjun Kapoor Breaks Silence on Malaika Arora’s Pregnancy Rumours!

Malaika Arora and Arjun Kapoor are one of Bollywood’s most talked-about couples. The couple has been together for about five years and has been seen together at numerous events and trips. Their relationship, however, has been the subject of several rumours and suspicions, particularly over their marriage and pregnancy plans.

The Pregnancy Rumours

A media report in November 2022 said that Malaika Arora was pregnant with Arjun Kapoor’s child and that the couple had travelled to London in October 2022 to inform their close ones of their pregnancy. According to the article, Malaika Arora intends to take a vacation from work to focus on her health and baby.

is Malaika Arora pregnant

However, the report proved to be untrue, and Arjun Kapoor chastised the publication and the journalist for disseminating ‘gossip pieces’ and ‘fake news.’ The actor posted on his Instagram stories:

This is the lowest you could have gone, and you did it by being casual, insensitive, and unscrupulous in spreading rubbish news. This writer has been writing similar stories on a regular basis and has gotten away with it since we tend to dismiss bogus gossip items as they spread through the media and become facts. This is not the case. Don’t mess with our personal lives.

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Arjun Kapoor Breaks Silence on Malaika Arora’s Pregnancy Rumours

Arjun Kapoor also asked the media to consult with him before assuming or writing anything life-altering234. He stated:

The clickbait culture emphasizes negative… I believe that negativity is easier to persuade people to pay attention to since it has been accumulating for a long time. Listen, we’re actors, and our private lives aren’t often really private. There is a certain quantity that exists, and you must be OK with that before entering the profession. There may still be that part, but I believe we rely on you all (journalists) to reach the audience. We need you to be aware that we are human beings at the very least. So, if you’re going to write something incredibly important, please check in with us every now and again. Do at least that much, and I believe that was all I did. It was more about the fact that it should be checked rather than assumed. You should not put something that could change your life out there.

The Reality of Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora’s Relationship

Malaika Arora and Arjun Kapoor have never been shy about publicly declaring their affection for each other. Arjun Kapoor shared a loved-up image with Malaika on Valentine’s Day this year, and it earned a lot of love from their fans2. The two are seen hugging in the photo, and the actor kept it simple with only a heart emoji in the message.

is Malaika Arora pregnant

In addition, the pair has spoken openly about their relationship in many interviews, revealing how much they support and appreciate one another. Malaika Arora has stated that she and Arjun Kapoor discuss marriage plans and children and that they are content with their current situation5. She has also stated that the 11-year age difference between them does not concern her and that they are grown enough to handle it.

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Arjun Kapoor has also commended Malaika Arora for being a fantastic person and partner. He has stated that he admires her for her independence, strength, and grace5. He’s also stated that he doesn’t care what others think or say about their relationship as long as they’re happy together5.


Malaika Arora and Arjun Kapoor are one of Bollywood’s most popular couples, and their relationship has been plagued by rumors and obstacles. They have, however, always stuck by each other and cleared the air whenever necessary. Malaika Arora’s pregnancy rumors were untrue and hurtful to both of them. They have asked the media to be more responsible and considerate of their private lives. They have also stated that they are content with their current situation and do not require anyone’s permission or validation for their relationship.

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