Is Laurie Kynaston Gay? Lets Talk About His Dating History, Family Background, Parents and More! 2023

Is Laurie Kynaston gay? Alex Burgess, who was played by the show’s star, was a gay guy. But in real life, is he gay?

Laurie Kynaston is a good Welsh actor who was born Laurence Stephen Kynaston. People know him from his parts in movies and TV shows like “Cradle to Grave,” “Intrigo: Dear Agnes,” “Muse,” “The Sandman,” and “A Small Light.”

The actor has gained a lot of fame and success in his work thanks to his charm and mind-blowing performances.

Because of this, his fans all over the world want to know more about his real life, especially his love life and family.

People have recently asked if the artist from Shrewsbury is gay. Find out how true the talk is, and find out about his past relationships.

A Little Light: Is Laurie Kynaston Gay?

Laurie Kynaston is not gay. He has a straight posture. No one knows how the conversation started.

But people might have wondered about Laurie’s sexuality because he played a gay character, Alex Burgess, in the highly acclaimed series The Sandman.

People liked how the show stayed true to the comic book. Fans have also liked that the show has gay characters like Desire (who is played by Mason Alexander Park), Johanna Constantine (who is played by Jenna Coleman), and Alex Burgess (who is played by Laurie Kynaston).

Even though the series was popular, there were many negative opinions about how The Sandman represented the LGBTQ+ community and people of color.

Is Laurie Kynaston Gay?

People yell at the people who make the show because all of the gay characters weren’t in the comic book. But when asked if they had read the comic, they would say “No,” said Neil Gaiman, who wrote the Sandman.

Still, Laurie Kynaston is not gay. He has a straight sexual preference.

Laurie Kynaston’s Dating History: Meet His Partner

Laurie Kynaston is a person who doesn’t want the public to know about what he does when he’s not acting. So, it’s not clear who Kynaston’s present partner is.

But a lot of people know that he used to date the actress Nicola Coughlan. The two stars went out together for a while, but they broke up last year.

The connection between Kynaston and Coughlan is well known. They used to be together for several years. Sources say that they broke up because of their own problems.

Also, Laurie Kynaston and Saoirse Ronan, who is also an actor, are said to be dating. But neither of the artists has said anything about the claim.

The young star hasn’t said much about who he’s dating at the moment. But whoever is or will be The Sandman actor’s girlfriend or partner will be a lucky person.


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Laurie Kynaston’s Family Background and Parents

A Small Light star was born to Stephen and Devina Kynaston in the English town of Shrewsbury.

He lived with his parents and brothers on the border between North Wales and Shropshire. The actor is the youngest of his parents’ four boys.

The performer’s mother is said to play the cello and work as a school nurse. It is said that all of his older brothers went into the music business.

Is Laurie Kynaston Gay?

Since he was young, Laurie has been very interested in playing. As a young boy, the young actress joined the National Youth Theater of Wales. When he was 19 years old, he went to London.

The actor was one of the people who started the Lonely Tree Theatre Group.

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