Is Kodiyakredd in Jail? Lets Talk Abut His Mugshot After Arrest on Domestic Violence Charge

Is KodiyakRedd In Jail? Since KodiyakRedd was arrested for domestic abuse, everyone wants to know what’s going on with one of the Island Boys.

KodiyakRedd is a famous American rapper who is part of the hip-hop band Island Boys, which is active on the video-sharing app TikTok. His twin brother, who goes by the name Flyysoulja, is also a part of Island Boys.

In 2021, when they put out a song called “Island Boys,” the twins got a lot of attention. First, the song went popular on TikTok. Then, it spread to the rest of the internet.

As teenagers in jail, the twins chose to try to become rap artists. Also, they have millions of followers on social media, and news of the arrest of one of the twins called KodiyakRedd has been shared on social media.

Is KodiyakRedd In Jail?

Some posts on social media say that KodiyakRedd has been taken into custody and is now in jail. He is said to have gone to jail for hitting his wife. There are a lot of movies about the arrest on YouTube, and many of them talk about it.

Famous Criminals, a YouTube site, also broke the news that KodiyakRedd hit his own brother. When the news got out, people on social media were very angry and started to post a lot of comments.

Is Kodiyakredd in Jail?

At the time this post was written, none of the reliable news sites had reported that KodiyakRedd had been arrested. While this was going on, his twin brother Flyysoulja posted on Instagram, “Free my brother, #kodiyakredd.”

Where is Kodiyakredd? Island Boy Gets Busted and Charged in 2023

As was already said, the news that KodiyakRedd was arrested has left everyone confused because none of the well-known news sites have reported it. But for the past few days, posts on social media have been making the rounds.

A Twitter account called @ItzDaveyMatee shared a video that said KodiyakRedd had been arrested for domestic abuse. He also showed the video of KodiyakRedd’s real name being looked up and talked about the facts of his arrest.

In the film, we can see his arrest number, and it was said that the Island Boy was arrested on May 6, 2023. The tape was first shared on TikTok, and he is being charged with domestic abuse.


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KodiyakRedd Mugshot After Arrest On Domestic Violence Charge

The fact that KodiyakRedd was just arrested has made him a hot topic online right now. Since the video went popular on TikTok and other social media sites, everyone has been looking for his mugshot.

As we’ve already talked about, KodiyakRedd is being held on charges of domestic abuse. So far, neither of the Island Boys has said anything.

Is Kodiyakredd in Jail?

But Flyysoulja knows about this topic, and he has also posted a story about it on his Instagram account, which is @flyysoulja.

In the same way, a live video from Flyysoulja’s TikTok account has been shared on YouTube. In the video, we can see Flyysoulja talk about what happened. He also said that KodiyakRedd hurts both himself and the people around him.

We can look at YouTube to find out more about the arrest of KodiyakRedd.

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