Is Julie Nolke Pregnant? Find Out About Her Married Life, Baby and Health Update! 2023

Is Julie Nolke Pregnant? Julie Marie Nolke is a Canadian YouTuber, comedian, actor, and author. Her most famous work is the YouTube series Explaining the Pandemic to My Past Self.

Is Julie Nolke Pregnant?

Yes, Julie Nolke is having her first child and is pregnant. On February 23, the comic shared the news on Instagram and YouTube.

The Canadian actress’s boyfriend, Samuel D. Larson, is going to be a father for the first time. She posted a comedy skit on her YouTube page to do what she does best and let her followers know about the exciting news. The name of the movie is clear. “I’m Pregnant.”

Is Julie Nolke Pregnant?

In the video, she can be seen talking at length with her drunken alter ego. In January of the year before, Julie put out a similar video in which she talked about how her best friend was shocked and had a total mental breakdown when she found out she was pregnant.

But this time, the girl from Run the Burbs had to face the truth. Her friend told her the important news in an unusual way. Samuel casually put a picture of their scan in an Instagram post with a bunch of other pictures and a few life updates that could be shared for years.

The mother-to-be told everyone on February 23, 2023, and the father-to-be did the same on February 27, 2023. The couple hasn’t said what their child will be yet. Also, no one has said what the child’s name is.

Nolke hasn’t told her friends and followers when her baby will be born yet, but based on her baby bump, it could be in late summer or early fall of this year.


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Their Married Life

Julie Nolke married Samuel D Larson in 2019. She said on Instagram that Nolke and Larson chose to buy matching rings to put together and make more beautiful.

His Instagram posts show that he and she have been together at least since 2015. While working on the Tastemade movie in July 2015, he sent Julie some photos for the first time. At the time, it was not clear if they were dating or just working together.

Is Julie Nolke Pregnant?

Julie used to post pictures of herself and her boyfriend on Instagram on Valentine’s Day and other occasions, but she has since deleted these pictures from her social media page. Still, some texts can still be seen on her Twitter account.

They never tell everyone on social media about their weddings or anniversaries. The couple keeps their personal life away from the public out of respect.

The soon-to-be family of three or four (it’s not clear if she’s having twins) is currently in Los Angeles to finish making plans and get ready to become parents later this year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Place Does Julie Nolke Live in?

Nolke went on WPR’s “BETA” from her home in Toronto to talk about why she didn’t post the first video in the series right away.

How Old is Julie Nolke?

32 years (24 August 1990)

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