Is Joshua and Model Mi Young Dating? Fans Reaction on Joshua and Mi Dating!

Is Joshua and Model Mi Young Dating? Recently, it was said that Joshua from Seventeen and Mi Young, who is a well-known model, were dating. Many of their fans wonder about their dating lives and other parts of their lives. You need to read the piece to get more information and details about the same.

Is Joshua and Model Mi Young Dating?

According to PKBNews, Netizens may have found proof that Seventeen’s Joshua and Instagram model Mi Young are dating. Also, friends and people who knew them have their own ways of responding to the rumors. If you want to learn more about the news, you should read more. As was already said, there were reports that Joshua from the band Seventeen was dating a model named Mi Young.

On August 6, there were a number of posts on an online community website that said he was dating a model. This made Korean fans wonder if the Super singer and the model were actually dating and in a relationship. Fans and people on the Internet had funny things to say about the stories, so they had to be written down. Scroll down to find out if Joshua is dating Mi Young seriously or not.

Is Joshua and Model Mi Young Dating?

There are rumors that the FML singer is dating a model she met on Instagram. But a netizen pointed out that his Instagram posts and those of the model had some strange things in common. According to the posts, they were seen taking pictures with the same things, which made people think they were a couple.

They said it was a big collection, and people noticed things like phone cases, coats, accessories, bags, and much more. After this, a lot of Korean fans started to think it might be true, and they asked each other not to say bad things about the singer or his supposed girlfriend. But neither the member nor his agency, PLEDIS, has stated that the rumors are true.

Fans responded to the situation in the funniest way possible to the news that the stories had spread on the internet. Whether or not the rumor was true, the fans showed off their crazy sense of humor by making funny memes in support of their hero.

On the other hand, many Internet users said that he could be dating anyone he wants and that this shouldn’t be talked about out of respect for his privacy. As a member of SEVENTEEN, he is getting ready for his upcoming shows. He is known for his great singing, striking scenes, politeness, and many other things that set him apart from other K-pop artists.

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Who is Joshua?

Joshua is a skilled member of Seventeen, a K-pop boy band. He stands out from other Korean stars because of how well he sings, how captivating he is on stage, how friendly he is, and many other things. Joshua and his friends had their first show in 2015. The last time he was seen was at Seventeen’s ‘Follow To Seoul’ show on July 21, 2023.

What are Fan Reactions on Joshua and Mi Dating?

People have had different thoughts about these dating stories. Some fans are excited about the idea of a couple, but others are worried about how it will affect SEVENTEEN. There were also some negative reactions, with fans saying that Joshua should focus on his work.

Cho Mi Young Model Dating Life

Joshua Hong, who goes by the name Joshua, is a member of the South Korean boy band Seventeen. He was born in Los Angeles, California, USA, on December 30, 1995. Joshua is one of the singers in the group, and his voice is known for being soothing and beautiful.

Is Joshua and Model Mi Young Dating?

Since he joined Seventeen in 2015, he has been a very important part of the band’s success. Seventeen’s releases are unique in that the members of the group are involved in making the music, choreographing the dances, and coming up with ideas in general. Joshua has many good traits, one of which is that he knows how to use the English language.

Because he is fluent in both English and Korean, he is able to talk to his fans all over the world. Because he is known for being friendly and nice, his fans often praise how kind and caring he is.

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In the world we live in now, people are very interested in how celebrities date. Since this is the case, most celebs are in the news every day. And right now, people want to know about the South Korean entertainment industry star’s love life. Now, people are putting the name Joshua with that of a girl no one knows. To find out everything, just scroll down.


Joshua from the South Korean boy band Seventeen is rumored to be dating model Mi Young, who is a well-known model. The rumors have spread on social media, with fans wondering if the singer and model are dating. Joshua, a skilled member of the group, is known for his singing, captivating stage presence, and friendly demeanor. Fans have varying reactions to the rumors, with some fans excited about the idea of a couple and others worried about the impact on the group. Joshua is known for his friendly and kind nature, making him a popular choice for fans.

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