Is Francesco Gazzella Gay? Meet His Pareja Tomas Gonzale Gender and Sexuality! 2023

Is Francesco Gazzella gay? Find out what you can about his girlfriend, Tomas Gonzale. Gazzella is a journalist and TV personality from Chile. He has worked for CNN Chile, La Red, Emol TV, Va X, Radio Universo, and Canal 13 among other media sources in Chile.

He went to the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile to study media and did his internship at CNN Chile.

In addition to his work in television, he has said that he would like to try new things and grow his business.

Gazzella started her job when she was 22. Since then, she has worked for different Chilean media outlets.

Is Francesco Gazzella Gay? Meet His Pareja Tomas Gonzale

There is no reliable information about whether or not Francesco Gazzella is gay. It is important to respect people’s privacy and not make assumptions about their private lives.

There has been talk that Gazzella is dating Tomas Gonzale, and this has made people worry about his sexuality as well.

Is Francesco Gazzella Gay?

Francesco Gazzella, a writer from the morning show “Tu Da,” was the second host of the cooking and talking show “La Divina Comida.”

When he showed off his flat, he used the chance to clear up a rumor about his personal life.

“This is my house, which I share with a dear friend,” Gazzella said. He showed two knit figures that were meant to represent the two roommates. “It’s like a hip, bald, here we are both,” he said. “That’s why they think we’re a couple, but we’re just friends.”

Francesco was on the cover of Las ltimas Noticias with the title “Francesco decided to rent with his friend.” This started the reports.

As the caption, it said, “It makes our lives better and saves money for the Canal 13 journalist.”

Even though Gazzella has said that he is dating Tomas, we still don’t know if they are dating or not.

Tomas Gonzales and Francesco haven’t shown any pictures of themselves, which has raised some questions.

But it is important to check with the people involved before you believe or spread stories about their relationship.


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Taking a Look at Francesco’s Instagram

Francesco Gazzella’s Instagram has more than 11,000 friends and a blue tick that says it’s real.

Gazzella keeps his Instagram followers up to date on his work by posting and telling stories about it on a daily basis.

He is active on the site and uses it to reach out to his followers. He is a journalist, TV host, and producer, according to his bio, and he posts pictures and videos about his work, travel, and personal life.

His posts are both business and personal. They include behind-the-scenes photos from his TV work, photos of him with coworkers and friends, and travel photos from different places around the world.

Is Francesco Gazzella Gay?

He also gives out information about his TV appearances and other projects he’s working on.

Gazzella recently shared a post on Instagram that promoted @copec_cl’s LAVAMAX indoor service. He was paid to tell the people who follow him on Instagram about the service.

He liked to share his work information and pictures of his projects on social media most of the time. Many well-known presenters have seen pictures of him that the journalist gave them.

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