Is AP Dhillon Dating Banita Sandhu? AP Dhillon Protects Banita Sandhu During Outing!

Is AP Dhillon Dating Banita Sandhu? People think that AP Dhillon is dating Banita Sandhu, who he worked with on the show “With You.” After the actor posted a video of them kissing on a rip, the rumors started to spread. Everyone was surprised when news about Punjabi pop star AP Dhillon’s love life made its way online. Dhillon is known for his great songs. The singer is getting ready for his documentary “AP Dhillon: First Of A Kind,” and it is thought that he is dating actress Banita Sandhu.

In 2018, Shoojit Sircar’s film October was the first Bollywood movie that the British actor was in. After that, she continued to make a name for herself in the business by appearing in Sardar Udham Singh, a biopic starring Vicky Kaushal. According to the actress’s most recent Instagram post, fans are interested in a short clip of them kissing.

Is AP Dhillon Dating Banita Sandhu?

None of the two has said anything about the rumors or even said anything at all. In one of the pictures she showed, they are sitting outside in a nice place. The next clip shows the two of them kissing. AP Dhillon also posted a picture of them both in a kitchen on his Instagram Stories.

Is AP Dhillon Dating Banita Sandhu?

For those who don’t know, they both sang on AP Dhillon’s song “With You.” Fans were quick to show their joy and wonder if they were dating. One person wrote, “If this is a hard start to your relationship, I am here for it,” while another wrote, “Are they datinggggg?”

Not too long ago, there were rumors that the singer is dating Khushi Kapoor, the daughter of the late Sridevi and Boney Kapoor. People were saying that Khushi and AP Dhillon were “cooking up” something. A few of them even asked about her. “Man, what’s the deal with Khushi Kapoor?” Another person said, “We finally got the answer to “hase ta lage tu khushi Kapoor.”

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Who is Banita Sandhu?

Banita Sandhu is a Bollywood actor who made her first movie appearance with Varun Dhawan in Shoojit Sircar’s October in 2018. Banita’s act in the movie was interesting because she got a lot of praise for it. The woman who is said to be AP Dhillon’s girlfriend then debuted in Tamil with Adithya Varma and went on to star in the English ad Eternal Beauty. Sardar Udham Singh, with Vicky Kaushal, was the next big movie she was in. It came out in 2021. Banita is interesting because she was born to parents who were both British and Indian. She has also been in a number of English-language TV shows, such as Painting Humanity, Pandora, and Bridgerton.

Banita was in a music video by Dilijit Dosanjh called Jind Mahi before she was in AP Dhillon’s video. But when Banita was in AP Dhillon’s current single track, “With You,” rumors began to spread that they were dating. Since then, she has been in the news because it has been said that she is dating a Canadian songwriter. AP recently published a photo of them both making a salad in the kitchen.

AP Dhillon Protects Banita Sandhu During Dinner Outing

When AP Dhillon and Banita Sandhu went out together on Wednesday night, it fueled rumors that they were dating. There were rumors that the actor, who was in the movie October, was dating Dhillon after she posted a video of them kissing.

Dhillon also made a song video with Banita called “With You.” Even though the rumored couple hasn’t said anything about the rumors, fans were sure they were together when they saw them at the premiere of Dhillon’s docuseries and on a dinner date afterward. They were joined by their friends and other stars in the business.

Is AP Dhillon Dating Banita Sandhu?

Banita looked beautiful in photos and videos from last night. She was wearing an orange dress that fit her body well. She put her hair in a bun and finished her look with bright lipstick and not much else. She was seen at the premiere of the docuseries cheering for Dhillon. Soon after, she was seen in the same car as the singer on their way to dinner. At dinner, the paparazzi were all around them, and Dhillon was seen guarding Banita.

Fans wrote nice things in the comments part to show their support for the couple. “Really hope they are dating,” one fan wrote. A lot of people also used heart emojis. AP Dhillon: First of a Kind is a four-part docuseries that Dhillon is getting ready to show. This Friday, August 18, the docuseries will be available on Amazon Prime Video. The four-part docuseries is about Amritpal Singh Dhillon’s life and rise to fame. It tells the story of the self-made hero known as AP/APD around the world.

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The four-part docuseries was made by PASSION Pictures, Wild Sheep Content, and Run-Up Records. It shows AP Dhillon’s amazing journey from Gurdaspur to Canada to become a famous global music sensation. It gives viewers a sneak peek into the grit and glitz, the hard work and energy that got AP to where he is today. AP Dhillon: First of a Kind is being shown for the first time in India and 240 other countries and regions around the world.


Rumors have spread that Punjabi pop star AP Dhillon is dating actress Banita Sandhu, who he worked with on the show “With You.” The couple was first seen together in 2018 in Shoojit Sircar’s film October and later appeared in Sardar Udham Singh, a biopic starring Vicky Kaushal. Despite rumors of a relationship, Dhillon has not commented on the rumors.

Banita, born to British and Indian parents, has also appeared in English-language TV shows. Dhillon has been seen protecting Banita Sandhu during dinner outings, and fans have expressed their support for the couple. AP Dhillon: First of a Kind is a four-part docuseries about Amritpal Singh Dhillon’s life and rise to fame, set to premiere on Amazon Prime Video on August 18.

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