Is Aamir Majid Alive or Dead? A Look His Bio, Arrest, Charge, and More Info! 2023

Is Aamir Majid Alive or Dead? The Indian actor, biker, and YouTuber Aamir Majid is thought to be dead. The news is making its way through the media buildings. Is he alive or dead? How about it?

If you like bike vloggers, you have probably heard of Aamir Majid. He is a well-known singer and moto vlogger from India.

Majid is also one of the biggest video creators in India. He has over 2.54 million YouTube subscribers. In Aamir’s home country, everyone loves him. Also, people all over the world follow and like him.

In the same way, Aamir began his YouTube journey in 2018. Over the years, his blogging has gotten a lot better, so his popularity might have a reason.

Most of Aamir’s videos on his YouTube channel have more than 1 million views. He is in the news because of the death of Agastay Chauhan, whose YouTube account is called PRO RIDER 1000.

Aamir Majid’s Death: Is Indian Moto Vlogger Dead or Alive?

Aamir Majid is getting a lot of interest from the media, and stories about him are all over the web. Also, a lot of people think he is dead. On the other hand, his death is inspiring a lot of YouTubers to make videos.

Majid is still living and doing well, so no one needs to worry about him. Also, a few hours ago, he put up a video on his YouTube page about the death of Agastay Chauhan, another Moto vlogger.

Fans of both bike vloggers seem very interested in what happened, and many people blame Amir for not teaching at the accident site in Agastay, where both riders were at the time.

So, most people blame Majid for leaving the scene of the accident and not helping Agastay, as he said in a video on his YouTube account.

Is Aamir Majid Alive or Dead?

People also wanted to know what happened on the day of the accident, so they asked for the live video. About 18 hours ago, he put up a video that explained everything that happened that day.

So, it’s clear that Majid isn’t dead. On the other hand, fans lost another moto vlogger, Agastay Chauhan, and Amir is thought to be dead because of this debate.

Indian Motorcycle Blogger Aamir Majid is Arrested and Charged

Aamir Majid has not been taken into custody or accused of anything. As was already said, Agastay Chauhan’s death has been tied to Aamir, and people are blaming and accusing him of being responsible for Chauhan’s sudden death.

Also, a lot of YouTubers have made movies about this topic. Some of them explain what happened, while others say they were going too fast.

So far, the Moto vlogger has not been charged, and there have been no reports about Agastay’s death.

On the other hand, Agastay’s friends are very sad about his death. Many moto vloggers, friends, and lovers can’t believe what they are hearing.


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Who is Aamir Majid? Indian Moto Vlogger Bio

Aamir Majid is an Indian Moto vlogger who has done well. Majid has more than 2 million people who follow him as Aamir Majid on his YouTube account.

Is Aamir Majid Alive or Dead?

Majid also has a large number of fans on Instagram, where he has more than 535k followers and can be found under the username @aamir__majid.

Aamir also lives in Jammu City. He is the first YouTuber to be based in Jammu, where he was born. Amir was born on June 5, 1998, and his parents brought him up in the Indian state of Jammu Union Territory.

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