Invincible Season 3 Release Date Expectations, Storyline, Cast and Trailer Update

Invincible Season 3 Release Date: With the surprise arrival of Invincible Season 3, the wait for more heroic action is going to be cut down by a large amount. Robert Kirkman, who co-created the show, said that the next season will be out soon. Season 1 came out in March 2021, and Season 2 has not come out yet. This made people worry about the main reasons for the delay. Kirkman, who is known for his sharp humor, started an open chat at Comic-Con with a strange joke. He then quickly moved on to talking about how hard it was to make things during the pandemic.

Invincible Season 3 Release Date

As of this writing, there is no clear date for when Season 3 of Invincible will come out. Fans can look forward to Season 3 of Invincible coming out sometime between late 2024 and early 2025.

The third season of Invincible will come out between late 2024 and early 2025. This is because the show’s author, Robert Kirkman, told IGN in an interview that fans don’t have to wait two whole years for Season 3. Season 2, on the other hand, is coming out on Prime Video two years after Season 1 finished. On top of that, the second part of Season 2 of Invincible will be available to stream in early 2024.

Where to Watch Invincible Season 3?

The third season of Invincible should be available on Prime Video by the end of 2024 or the beginning of 2025. This is what the formal summary for Invincible says: The only thing that makes Mark Grayson different as a youth is that his dad is the strongest superhero in the world. Not long after he turns seventeen, Mark starts to get his own skills and starts learning from his father.

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What Will Be the Plot of Invincible Season 3?

The creators of Invincible Season 3 haven’t said much about what will happen in the episodes. The third season, on the other hand, will pick up where Season 2 left off. As of now, there has been no news about Season 2’s progress, and the show’s writers haven’t said much about it either. The story of the third season will be based on what happened in the second season. In the last few episodes of Season 1, Omni-Man killed all of his family. He may now come back with the Viltrumites to take over Earth.

Invincible Season 3 Release Date

At the same time, Cecil asks Mark to be Earth’s defender instead of his father, but Mark has not agreed to this yet. Mark also wants to finish high school, but it might be hard for him because he is being threatened. Things are getting better between Mark and Amber, but no one knows how long this will last.

The Cast of Invincible Season 3

At this point, we know that all of the key characters will be back for Season 3, but we don’t know if anyone will die in Season 2. Steven Yeun, Sandra Oh, J.K. Simmons, Atom Eve, Walton Goggins, Zazie Beetz, Kevin Michael Richardson, and Mark Hamill are some of the key actors in the show.

Fans’ Expectations From Invincible Season 3

During the season break, fans had to wait a long time, but Kirkman joked that some of the trouble was due to “a lot of naps.” But he went right into the big problems the production team was having. When the show first aired, there were some unique problems that had to be dealt with.

Kirkman talked about how hard it was to run companies in other countries while the epidemic was going on. The Invincible team didn’t give up when things got tough; instead, they saw them as chances to get better.

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Invincible Season 3 Trailer Update

The makers of Invincible haven’t put out a trailer for Season 3. Watch the Season 1 video below until it comes out:


Invincible Season 3 is set to be released between late 2024 and early 2025, following the release of Season 1 in March 2021. The show’s co-creator, Robert Kirkman, revealed that the third season will pick up where Season 2 left off, with the story focusing on Omni-Man’s return with the Viltrumites and Mark Grayson’s relationship with Amber. Key actors Steven Yeun, Sandra Oh, J.K. Simmons, Atom Eve, Walton Goggins, Zazie Beetz, Kevin Michael Richardson, and Mark Hamill will return. The production team has not released a trailer for Season 3, but fans can watch the Season 1 video until it comes out.

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