Imlie 5th May 2023 Written Update: Rudra Says He Didn’t Take Care of Dhairya!

In the latest episode of the Hindi TV drama series “Imlie,” Atharva is shown walking barefoot on the beach and thinking about his past times with Imlie. In the background, a beautiful song plays as Atharva stands still and thinks about Imlie while watching the ocean waves.

As day turns to night, Cheeni goes outside to tell Atharva to go home. She sees how sad he looks, but she doesn’t say anything as he walks away. Rudra’s words about not being able to forgive Devika as a father keep going through her thoughts, and she stops eating.

When Shivani tells her to eat a little, Dhairya sees that Devika is upset and gets the car ready to leave. She tells him angrily that her family is there to take care of her, and it hurts her to think about Atharva. Atharva wakes up all of a sudden as if he heard Devika call him, which scares him.

He starts muttering that he can’t meet any of Kairi’s needs and that he’s to blame. Cheeni tries to comfort him and tells him to calm down, telling him that Kairi is a kid who can understand. Atharva, on the other hand, says that he is a useless father who is enough to make Kairi’s wishes come true.

By putting her hands on Atharva’s shoulders, Cheeni stops herself from trying to support him in person. At the same time, Kairi hears them talking, and Atharva tries to get money from his friends, but none of them will help. Cheeni decides that she should also do something after Atharva goes, so she calls Anu.

But Anu hasn’t changed, and she tells Cheeni that she shouldn’t forget that Kairi is Imlie’s daughter and will forget her when she meets her real mother. Anu still sends some money to Cheeni, but Atharva tells her to give it back.


Imlie 5th May 2023 Written Update: Rudra Says He Didn't Take Care of Dhairya!

Imlie 5th May 2023 Written Update: Rudra Says He Didn’t Take Care of Dhairya!

Atharva tells Cheeni that he wants to keep his self-respect and doesn’t want to get money from Anu because of that. While this is going on, Devika is in the hospital and calling Atharva’s name. Dhairya asks the nurse about Devika’s health when she comes out. The nurse calls Dhairya Atharva by mistake, which upsets Rudra.

Rudra says that he didn’t take care of Dhairya and that he never thought of him as his own son. Atharva tells Cheeni that he would have stayed if Rudra had stopped him from going, but instead, he helped Dhairya have an affair.

Atharva decides that Kairi must go to summer camp no matter what. Kairi overhears this talk, so she hides in the bathroom and begs Atharva not to send her to the camp. Imlie tells the kids in the camp to get a good night’s sleep. She sees a girl walking around nervously and tries to calm her down by telling her that she will talk to the girl’s mother in the morning.

On the other hand, Kairi acts like she is sleeping, but when she wakes up, she thinks about going out and looking around the camp. As she walks out the door, two bad guys come up to her.

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Imlie 5th May 2023 Written Update: Rudra Says He Didn't Take Care of Dhairya!

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