Imlie 8th May 2023 Written Update: Anu Gets Annoyed by Cheeni!

Imlie is an Indian Hindi-language soap series that airs on TV. In the episode for May 8, 2023, Atharva looks at the clock and thinks about the times he has spent with Imlie. He jumps out of bed and says that he never thought Imlie would get rid of him so quickly and replace him with Dhairya.

He looks at the calendar, boldly writes the date, and then rips up the page. Imlie, meanwhile, looks at the calendar and thinks about Atharva, which makes her cry. She opens her locket to look at Atharva’s picture and says that even after all these years, she can’t get over him.

She remembers how much fun they had when Atharva made her cake on the same date. In another part of the story, Imlie’s birthday presents are lined up on a table, and Dhairya is trying to decide whether to give them to Imlie. When Rudra sees the gifts, he tells Dhairya that he needs to send them to Imlie to make her happy.

The people who work at the camp find out that Imlie’s birthday is coming up and decide to do something for her. Kerry hears this and tells her to make her a cake. But Imlie goes to bed with tears in her eyes, and when Atharva thinks about Imlie, it breaks his heart.

Imlie 8th May 2023 Written Update: Anu Gets Annoyed by Cheeni!

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Imlie 8th May 2023 Written Update: Anu Gets Annoyed by Cheeni!

Atharva is sad, and Cheeni sees it. At the same time, Anu calls to ask if Atharva was able to use her talent to send Kerry to the camp. Anu gets annoyed by Cheeni, so she tells her to use this to get closer to Atharva. Cheeni gets angry, says she won’t put the current family at risk by putting a label on any relationship, and hangs up the phone.

While that was going on, Devika saw the gift basket that Dhairya was going to give to Imlie. She threw it on the floor, breaking every present inside. Shivani tries to calm her down, but Devika says that Dhairya has taken Atharva’s place in the family. Dhairya and Rudra watch Devika’s rage from the next room.

Rudra tells Dhairya not to say anything to Devika and tells him that he feels sorry for her. Kerry goes into Imlie’s room, wakes her up, and wishes her a happy birthday. Kerry brings Imlie to the hall, where everyone throws her a surprise birthday party. Even though Imlie remembers Atharva’s cake, she enjoys the party anyway.

Kerry’s cake is made fun of by the other kids, but Imlie sticks up for her, and thanks everyone for the surprise. She asks Kerry if her best friend Cheeni makes the same cake.

Imlie 8th May 2023 Written Update: Anu Gets Annoyed by Cheeni!

Kerry is about to say Cheeni’s name when a glass breaks, which takes Imlie’s attention away. Imlie doesn’t understand how Kerry knows the cake recipe that she and Atharva were the only ones who knew.


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