How to Use Tik Tok for Study? A Sep-by- Step Guide!

TikTok is a famous social media site where people can make and share short videos about music, comedy, dance, education, and many other things. TikTok has more than 1 billion daily users around the world, and young people are especially fond of it. But did you know that you can also study with Tik Tok? Yes, you hear it correctly. TikTok can be a fun and useful way to learn new things, review your lessons, improve your skills, and even study for tests. Here are some tips on how to study with Tik Tok.

1. Follow Educational Accounts

One of the best ways to use Tik Tok to study is to follow educational accounts that post interesting and informative videos about math, science, history, languages, etc. You can search for hashtags like #edutok, #studywithme, #learnontiktok, etc. to find these accounts, or you can look through categories like Education, Learning, and Science in the Discover part of the app. Some of the most famous educational Tik Tok accounts are:

  • @thetutorteacher: A certified teacher runs this account and posts videos about math, science, and English for kids of all ages. He also gives advice on how to study well and do well on tests.
  • @mervetron: This account is run by a physics teacher who makes videos about fun and easy-to-understand physics ideas and experiments. She also answers questions from her fans and gives them tasks and quizzes to solve.
  • @languagebabe: Someone who loves languages runs this account and makes videos about how to learn languages like Spanish, French, German, etc. She also teaches important phrases, rules of grammar, and ways to say words correctly.
  • @historybuff: This account is run by a history buff who makes videos about interesting facts and stories from history. He also talks about geography, society, and politics, among other things.

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2. Create Your Own Videos

You can also use Tik Tok to study by making your own movies about the things you’re learning or reviewing. This can help you learn to understand, remember, and talk better. You can also show your videos to your friends or classmates and get feedback or ideas from them. Here are some ways to make educational movies on Tik Tok:

  • Explain an idea or a formula using simple language, examples, or comparisons.
  • Show off a skill or method, like how to do math or play an instrument.
  • In 60 seconds or less, summarize a lesson or a chapter.
  • Make a rhyme or mnemonic to help you remember a fact or rule.
  • Show an idea or experiment you have done or want to do.

3. Take Part in Competitions and Challenges

You can also use Tik Tok to study by taking part in contests and tasks that have to do with education or learning. You can use these to test what you know, push yourself, and have fun at the same time. You can also get awards or praise for your work. You can find these challenges and contests by looking for hashtags like #studychallenge, #learnchallenge, #quiztime, etc., or by following accounts that host them often. On Tik Tok, some examples of challenges and events are:

  • @tiktokacademy: This account, posts weekly quizzes about math, science, writing, and other topics. You can answer the questions in the comments part or make a video response and tag the people who asked them.
  • @duolingo: This account has monthly tasks for learning languages like Spanish, French, German, etc. You can join in the challenge by making a movie of yourself speaking the language and tagging them.
  • @natgeo: Occasionally, this account has events about wildlife, nature, culture, etc. You can join the contest by making a video of yourself showing how much you care about or know about the topic and tagging them.

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4. Use Educational Tools and Features

The fourth way to use Tik Tok for studying is to use the app’s teaching tools and features. These can help you learn better and make your movies more interesting and fun to watch. Some of the tools and features on Tik Tok that can help with learning are:

  • Text-to-speech: With this function, you can turn any text into speech with different voices and accents. You can add narration or commentary to your videos by using this function.
  • Voice effects: With this tool, you can make your voice sound like a chipmunk, a robot, an echo, etc. You can use this function to make your videos funnier or more interesting.
  • Stickers: This feature lets you add stickers to your movies that have different shapes, symbols, emojis, etc. You can use this feature to bring attention to important parts of your movies or show how you feel.
  • Filters: With this feature, you can add filters to your movies that have different colours, themes, styles, etc. You can use this tool to give your videos different moods or settings.

5. Connect with Other Learners

Connecting with other students who have similar hobbies or goals is a fifth way to use Tik Tok for school. This can help you talk about your thoughts. One of the best ways to get to know other students on Tiktok is to follow them and talk to them. You can find other learners who are learning the same subject or topic as you by searching for hashtags like #math, #science, #history, #languages, etc. or by looking through categories like Education, Learning, or Science in the Discover section of the app. You can also follow accounts like @thetutorteacher, @mervetron, @languagebabe, @historybuff, etc. that post informative videos on a range of topics. Then you can talk to them by sending them texts or making comments on their videos. You can ask them questions, tell them what you think, give them feedback or ideas, or just talk to them in a nice way.

6. Join or Create Study Groups

Joining or making study groups is another way to connect with other learners on Tiktok. Study groups are made up of people who all want to learn more about the same subject or topic. You can join existing study groups by looking for hashtags like #studygroup, #studybuddy, #studywithme, etc., or by following accounts like @tiktokacademy, @duolingo, @natgeo, etc., that host them regularly. You can also make your own study group by inviting friends or classmates who use tiktok or by making a video inviting other users who want to join your group. Then, you can use the group chat function to talk to the other people in your group. You can talk about your lessons, share your notes, test each other, encourage each other, or plan your study sessions.

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