How to Use Namedrop: The Feature Introduced by Apple to Make Contact-Sharing Easier!

At its Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple showed off a lot of new features and goods that will be coming out soon. In addition to the much-talked-about Vision Pro Headset, the company also showed off some big changes that will come with iOS 17.

NameDrop is a feature that has excited Apple users all over the world. It lets you share your contacts with another Apple user by just putting your phones close together. So, how will this thing work? Find out by reading on.

Apple Has Made Namedrop So That It Is Easy to Share Contacts With Other People

NameDrop will be an addition to AirDrop, and it will be available with the iOS 17 update. This tool will make it easy for you to share your phone contacts with someone else who has an Apple device. The contacts can also be used on an iPhone and an Apple Watch.

How to Use Namedrop

You can also share the image, phone numbers, and email addresses of your contacts. Just like with AirDrop, if two devices are close to each other, the contact information will be sent from one to the other with just a few clicks.

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How to Use NameDrop Feature on Your Device?

To use the NameDrop feature on your computer, do the following:

  • Once iOS 17 is out, you should update your gadget to it.
  • You can find NameDrop in the Control Center or the Settings menu on your phone or watch.
  • Bring your device close to the device you want to connect to and keep them close together.
  • Choose the person on your device that you want to share.
  • Tap the ‘Share’ or ‘Send’ button.
  • Accept the prompt from the device that received the contract to indicate that it was received.
  • So, that’s all. Your chosen contact will be passed along, and you will get a message letting you know.

iOS 17 Update Will Get Some More Exciting Features

At the WWDC on June 5, a lot of other cool new features were also released, in addition to NameDrop. Apple said that AirDrop will get more features, and users will be able to leave each other’s devices while their files are sent from one to the other.

“We’re also using this same gesture to make Airdropping material and even starting shared experiences easier than ever. When you want to show off the beautiful pictures you took on your last trip. Again, just put your phones close together,” Apple’s Senior Vice President of Software Engineering, Craig Federighi, said.

How to Use Namedrop

“If someone is sending you a lot of photos or a big video file and you need to move away, you can now leave AirDrop range and your content will still send securely and in full quality over the internet,” he said.

In iOS 17, you’ll also be able to use the SmartPlay feature, which lets you and someone else stream the same material and listen to the same playlist at the same time by moving the iPhones closer to each other. Apple has also turned to a new language model to improve the way you type on the keyboard and make the auto-correct feature better.

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