How to Register a Modified Bike in India? What Can We Legally Modify in a Motorcycle?

If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast who wants to know how to register a modified bike in India, here’s how. A substantial number of individuals in India rely heavily on motorcycles for their everyday journeys. A two-wheeler of their own is one of many young Indians’ greatest desires.

They are also incredibly excited about bikes and the modifications they make to make them look or perform differently. It should be noted that certain bike modifications have legal ramifications. Too many modifications to a bike have been shown to be hazardous. Continue reading to find out how to register your modified bike in India.

Is it legal to modify motorcycles in India?

According to a 2019 Supreme Court decision, bike modifications are acceptable and legal as long as they do not change or alter the vehicle’s specifications. The Supreme Court authorizes the RTO to issue clearance for modest color and engine alterations. In circumstances when a vehicle owner fails to obtain the necessary approval from the RTO for bike changes, severe fines or legal action may be imposed.

How to Register a Modified Bike in India?

It is well known that a significant portion of the population in India commutes daily on a motorcycle. Bike enthusiasts are common and frequently alter their two-wheelers to change how they look or function.

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Nevertheless, because making too many changes to a bike might be risky, there are legal repercussions to bike modifications. The good news is that you are able to legally modify your bike and fully register it with the RTO. Continue reading to learn how to register a modified motorcycle in India.

Steps to Register a Modified Bike in India

Before you begin customizing your bike, you should comprehend why, in accordance with the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, excessive bike modification is prohibited. Altering the bike’s construction or individual components can affect how technically proficient the bike is and increase the risk of accidents.

How to Register a Modified Bike in India

For instance, if a bike designed for a low-powered engine has an abnormally powerful engine installed, there is a chance that the bike will malfunction and cause a traffic accident. Even so, you can get the RTO’s proper approval if you still wish to make little changes. The procedures for registering a customized bike in India are listed below.

  1. Before doing any alterations to your bike, you must obtain the RTO’s approval.
  2. Recall that RTO will only permit minimal aesthetic changes to your bike as long as they don’t compromise its safety or performance in any manner.
  3. Once the RTO has authorized your intended modifications, you must have them recorded on the registration certificate in order for your bike to be considered a modified bike.
  4. You can now proceed with implementing the modifications to your bike when the aforementioned procedures have been finished.
  5. Your bike could be impounded if the modifications don’t exactly match the ones you requested at the RTO.

You run the risk of having your registration canceled if you proceed with the adjustments without receiving legal authorization from the ARAI. If you alter the bike’s structure from what it originally was without getting permission, it will be marked as illegal.

What Can Be Legally Modified on a Motorcycle?

Now that you know how to apply for a bike modification, you should also know what kinds of modifications you can legally apply to your bike:

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  1. You have the legal right to change the color of your bike. However, you can only do so if the RTO has authorized the list of colors. Furthermore, any color modifications will require prior consent from the RTO.
  2. Minor physical modifications such as altering visors, decals, winglets, and so on are permitted.
  3. If your bike company offers alternate tires for the specific model of your bike, you can change the tires. You are not permitted to use any tires other than those supplied by the company.
  4. You also have the option of replacing your engine if the one on your bike is damaged beyond repair. To repair your engine, however, you must first obtain approval from the RTO.

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