How to Protect Your Instagram from Getting Hacked

Instagram is one of the applications that most of us use regularly to connect and engage with others. Besides, it has emerged as one of the eminent platforms for content creators to create compelling content and convert it into a full-fledged source of income.

Having said that, there are always risks that can hardly be detached from online applications, including Instagram. As cybercrimes are soaring higher than ever, there is a high risk posed for Instagram users to lose their data. It is heart-wrenching to leave your account at the mercy of hackers, especially if your income depends on it.

But don’t worry! We are sharing some of the ways you can prevent your account from being hacked.

1.    Use a Secure Network

No wonder the inception of the internet has opened up new possibilities and spawned new industries. However, one cannot vote out the fact that it has also brought potential new threats.

We can easily connect our laptops, smartphones, and other IoT devices to our home network, but we forget that it is easier for hackers to access the home network, and thus the data.

Your Instagram login credentials, alongside other potentially sensitive data, can be accessed and misused by cybercriminals.

But, is there a way to protect your personal and private information?

Well, yes! In order to protect yourself from hackers and avoid your network from being compromised, you need to invest in a highly secure home network.

Secure internet connectivity, like Spectrum, will not only culminate the risk of getting hacked but will keep away the unauthorized users who freeload on the internet you pay for and slow down the internet speed.

You may check out Spectrum internet español to get more information, and to top it, get exclusive service in Spanish if you are a Spanish speaker.

2.    Use a Strong Password

There is no substitute for a strong password when it comes to securing online platforms. You must pick a strong password which a hacker should not get even with a fluke. Make sure you avoid using personal information such as second name or date of birth, as they are very predictable.

Moreover, ensure you set up a unique website so that a hacker does not access your multiple accounts. We know the hassle of remembering multiple passwords, and therefore, we recommend you use a password manager. It will help you access your passwords on your desktop computer and phone, even when you are offline.

3.    Turn on Two-factor authentication

Two-factor is the new age’s first line of defense against hackers. According to Instagram, by setting up two-factor authentication, a user will get a notification and will be asked to enter a special login code. In this way, only an authorized person will be permitted to log into the account.

In order to set up two-factor authentication, go to Settings > Security > Two-Factor Authentication.

4.    Avoid Clicking Sneaky Links

You might get messages in your DM luring you into winning prizes and money by clicking a link. Don’t buy any such messages and delete the message right away. Followed by that you must block the account. Clicking a fraudulent link may help hackers get the information they want.

5.    Update Your Contact Number and Email Address

Your Instagram’s security will be compromised if your email address or contact number is outdated.  Thus, go to settings and update the information, because they are the pivotal means through which Instagram can contact you and send information.

Bottom Line

Countless Instagram users report having their accounts hacked, but there are a handful of simple practices that can help you protect your account. Check out the best practices we have listed in the article and keep Instagraming!!!!

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