How to Install TWRP Recovery in 2 Easy Methods

How to Install TWRP Recovery: The Team Win Recovery Project, or TWRP recovery, is an alternative recovery for Android smartphones that facilitates the installation of user-created firmware, kernels, and other changes. It’s a go-to for Android users who want to go beyond what the factory software offers in terms of personalization. Here we’ll go through the steps necessary to How to Install TWRP Recovery onto an Android smartphone.

What is TWRP Recovery?

How to install TWRP recovery

TWRP’s interface is touch-based, whereas standard recoveries rely on the volume and power buttons. Stock recoveries may only be used to flash the original manufacturer’s operating system (ROM) from now on, which severely restricts their usefulness. TWRP allows you to install custom ROMs and other modules, such as the Xposed Framework and Lineage OS, among others.

If keeping your warranty is a priority, you should probably avoid flashing TWRP. You may be able to reinstate your phone’s warranty if you completely uninstall TWRP and revert to factory recovery.

To get the most out of TWRP, it’s important to weigh the  advantage and disadvantages  of installing it on your Android device.

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  • Remove all data or do a factory reset.
  • Nandroid backup allows for a full backup to be taken.
  • Restore a Nandroid backup in its entirety
  • Magisk is a simple method for rooting your device.
  • Put in software using the ADB Sideload method from your computer.
  • Easily Set up dividers
  • Disk Organizer

How to install TWRP recovery


  • Your phone’s warranty will be voided.
  • Your phone might be destroyed if you flash the wrong file.

Method 1:How to install TWRP recovery

  • The Bootloader of your device must be unlocked in advance.
  • Get the SDK platform tool and install it.
  • Set your phone to allow USB debugging.
  • You should always fully back up your phone.
  • Fill up your phone’s battery.


  1. Obtain the TWRP Recovery file from the developer’s website first.
  2. The SDK platform archive may be unzipped on your computer.
  3. Put the TWRP Recovery on a copy.
  4. Just hit Enter after entering “cmd” in the SDK platform folder’s address bar.
  5. A command window will open.Command Prompt for ADB
  6. If you have your phone plugged into your computer, you may use this command. (Please approve any requests for permission that may appear on your mobile device.)
    reboot bootloader with adb
  7. By entering the aforementioned instruction, your phone will start up in bootloader/fastboot mode.
  8. When prompted to do so when the device enters bootloader mode, enter the following instruction.

Method 2: Installation of TWRP Recovery for Samsung Devices 

The instructions below are specific to Samsung devices. Therefore, if you don’t own a Samsung phone, don’t even think about doing the methods following. Be sure you meet all the criteria before proceeding with the procedures.


  1. You’ll need to get the Odin tool on your computer first.
  2. The Samsung TWRP Recovery file may be downloaded here. (You must get the.tar file.)
  3. Create a full backup of your mobile device.
  4. Fill up your phone’s battery.
  5. How to Use Odin to Install the TWRP Recovery –
  6. Activate your phone’s OEM Unlock feature first. Choose Menu > Settings > About Phone > The optimal amount of taps is between 7 and the Build Number. By doing so, your phone’s developer settings will become available.
  7. Again To enable OEM Unlock and USB Debugging, head back into Settings and tap Developer Options.
  8. Now Enter Download Mode by restarting your phone.
  9. Turn off your mobile device.
  10. Next, bring up the safety alert by pressing and holding the “Home + Power + Volume down” buttons simultaneously.
  11. To activate Download Mode, use the Volume Up button.
  12. Connect your Samsung device to your computer using the cord that came with your device.
  13. Download Odin and unpack it on your computer.
  14. Once the archive has been extracted, launch the Odin3 xxx.exe program.
  15. To access the TWRP recovery file, go to the AP page and click the button.
  16. Select “Auto Reboot” and uncheck it in the settings menu.
  17. Now Select the Launch option and wait a minute or two.
  18. The PASS message will appear on the Odin screen after everything is finished.
  19. That’s it, TWRP recovery has been loaded onto your Samsung device.
  20. To enter TWRP Recovery Mode, press and hold the Home, Power, and Volume Up buttons until the Samsung logo appears on the screen, then let go of all the buttons.

Here you can find the official instructions for flashing Samsung smartphones with TWRP recovery. You can now root your phone, flash a custom ROM, install a stock ROM, etc.

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There are several advantages to using TWRP recovery on your Android smartphone, such as the ability to get root access and install custom ROMs, kernels, and other changes. To prevent any damage to your equipment, however, be sure to strictly adhere to the directions provided.

You should back up your data and be aware of the hazards before you install anything on your device. If you follow these guidelines, you’ll be able to use TWRP recovery on your Android smartphone and make it work the way you want it to.

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