How to Download Linkedin Video on IOS & Android

How to Download Linkedin Video: Although there is no simple solution to this issue, one thing to bear in mind while attempting to correct the indentation fault is that the problem line must be identified one at a time. Almost everyone these days spends a considerable amount of time on social networking sites like LinkedIn. On LinkedIn, a social network focused on professional connections, users may peruse adverts for other users’ companies and new ventures.

This post will help you quickly discover the solution to your query if you recently viewed a video on LinkedIn but don’t know how to download LinkedIn video. If you’re a LinkedIn member, though, you already know that there are occasionally gold-mine movies posted by the site’s users. Videos may be a great source of information and inspiration for your own work if you download them to your computer or mobile device and watch them later.

Users of social media platforms prefer video to other forms of content. In response to consumers’ demand, many social media platforms—among them Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn—introduced tools for users to easily post video links. Let us discuss about How to Download Linkedin Video.

Types of videos on LinkedIn

Embedded Video

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LinkedIn also allows users to embed videos into posts. These clips aren’t uploaded to LinkedIn itself, but rather shared through services like YouTube, Instagram, and others.

Native Video

Users may begin sharing video content on LinkedIn with native video. This video format is exclusive to LinkedIn, and its use is contingent on the user meeting specific requirements. Keep in mind that the video format is the primary factor. As a result, users may share their movies in common formats like MP4, AVI, and so on. Similarly, LinkedIn recommends that films shared on the site be between 3 and 10 minutes long.

Please be aware that the maximum video length is 15 minutes when using a desktop computer to upload, and 10 minutes while using the LinkedIn mobile app. You may also upload videos up to 5 GB in size.

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How to Download Linkedin Video as easy as pie via a LinkedIn Video Downloader

Professional LinkedIn video viewers want a reliable and free solution to save and store these videos.

Download and store any video from LinkedIn with our free and powerful program. You want straight from LinkedIn on your phone with no effort.

How to Download Linkedin Video
The good news is that this program works with all of today’s most common video file types. In addition, before you download, you may select the video quality, which ranges from low to high definition.

Download Linkedin Videos on the Desktop-Step by Step

Here are the easy steps you need to do to save your favorite videos from LinkedIn:

  1. To get the URL to the intended video, go to on your desktop, choose the video, view it, click the Share button, and then select the copy link option.
  2. Next, get the LinkedIn Video Downloader add-on for your browser and launch it.
  3. Paste the video’s URL that you copied into the LinkedIn Video Downloader’s input field.
  4. Video download formats include MP4, MP3, M4P, and MPV; after pasting the URL, a new page of format options will emerge from which you may select the required format. Instantaneous, complete download.

Your video will show up in your device’s Downloads folder after the download is complete.

Do keep in mind that the video will only be downloaded in the quality and format that you specify.

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How to download LinkedIn videos on IOS and Android

Alternatively, you may use video downloading websites or mobile applications to save LinkedIn videos to your device. In reality, you can effortlessly download the desired video by typing the URL from LinkedIn postings into the download box on a variety of apps and websites.

How to Download Linkedin Video

You may compare and contrast the functions of each of these online resources and mobile applications to choose the one that best serves your needs.

How to use:

Follow these fast and easy steps to learn how to store LinkedIn videos online on your IOS or Android mobile device.

  1. Launch the LinkedIn app on your mobile device or go to on your mobile web browser to access the page from where you’d want to save the video.
  2. To expand the video, use the arrows in the top right of the screen. Next, select “Share” from the drop-down option that appears.
  3. Once you’ve copied the URL, paste it into the appropriate download box on a website or software program, and hit the download button. Here’s where you get to pick your preferred video format.


Millions of people from many walks of life use LinkedIn, making it one of the largest business-focused social networks in the world. You may find business video material on this site that may be worth your time to download.

You may be wondering how to obtain LinkedIn movies given that you can’t get them through LinkedIn itself. Using this manual, you may easily and quickly find the solution to your problem.

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