How to Activate New Vi SIM Card by Mobile Phone & Store

How to Activate New Vi SIM Card : The Indian telecommunications company Vi, formerly known as Vodafone Idea, launched on August 31, 2018, and in just four years it has amassed a user base of 255.10 million. Mobile payments, entertainment options, and Internet of Things services are all available on India’s most popular cellular network. It may be accessed both online and in physical locations.

How to Activate New Vi SIM Card

Vi Website makes issuing SIM cards, both postpaid and prepaid, and offering them for home delivery simple and convenient. Activating a Vi SIM, however, may seem like a daunting task to some. Don’t worry though, since we’ve written this post to teach you exactly How to Activate New Vi SIM Card  . So, let’s not waste any more time and discuss about How to Activate New Vi SIM Card .

How to Activate New Vi SIM Card (Prepaid & Postpaid

Vi Postpaid SIM Card Activation Procedure

The following are the guaranteed methods for activating your postpaid SIM card at no additional cost:
A fresh link can be requested by:

To request a new connection, go to the SIM delivery page.

  • Pick a package that fits your needs.
  • Information such as your name, address, and email will be required. Include these and finish placing your order.
  • Your SIM card will be delivered by a representative from the firm, who will also assist you with activating the SIM.

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Vi Prepaid SIM Card Activation Procedure

Your postpaid SIM card can be activated at no extra cost in one of the following ways:

  1. To order a replacement Vodafone prepaid SIM card, go to the Prepaid Connection page on the Vi website.
  2. Pick a prepaid package from the choices provided.
  3. Please provide your delivery and contact information.
  4. Choose a phone number and then ask for an OTP to finish your purchase.
  5. After that, you may activate your SIM card by dialing 59059.
  6. Fill up your contact information here.
  7. Your SIM card will not be active for a minimum of 24 hours.

Things to Keep in Mind 

  • A SIM card can be activated at no cost to the user.
  • SIM card activation is necessary before to making or receiving any calls or sending any texts.
  • Customers cannot activate a new SIM card using their online account. The only ways to activate their SIM are in-store, over the phone, by SMS, or with the help of our delivery worker at their home.

Activating a New Vi 4G SIM Card

You may activate your SIM card for either a postpaid or prepaid plan by sending an SMS, calling, or visiting a Vi shop. Here are the several methods for activating your SIM card:

What is the SMS code to activate a Vi SIM card?

Prepaid and postpaid subscriptions alike can be activated through text message. Existing SIM card activation through text message:

  1. Send the keyword SIMEX along with your 19 or 20-digit SIM card number to 55199.
  2. The final six numbers of your SIM card would be missing from an SMS sent from the number 55199.
  3. Within two hours of getting an SMS, reply with the last six digits to 55199.
  4. The process of activating your new SIM card will take 20 minutes.
  5. To keep utilizing Vi services, insert the new SIM card into SIM 1 and choose LTE/4G from the network options.

How to Activate New Vi SIM Card

How to Activate Vi SIM Card By Mobile Phone ?

Here are the steps you need to do to put a SIM card into your Vi phone:

  1. To use your new Vi SIM, grab your phone and insert it into your phone.
  2. Do not start using your phone until the network icon appears.
  3. The Vi SIM activation number is 59059, which you should now call.
  4. Please contact the above listed number.
  5. Please read the directions carefully.
  6. If you need to activate a Vi sim card or provide the final four digits of an Aadhar number, you may do it here.
  7. Don’t activate your Vi sim for at least 24 hours.
  8. An SMS will confirm your vi sim tele verification.
  9. To reactivate your phone’s voice and data capabilities, simply restart it.

How to Activate New Vi SIM Card Via Store?

A Vi SIM may be activated at any participating Vi-Store. The steps are as follows.

  1. Go to to find a Vi store near you.
  2. Discover the closest shop near where you are right now.
  3. Examine your mobile device now that the SIM card has been fitted.
  4. To buy a Vi SIM, you’ll also need your Aadhar card or some kind of government-issued photo identity.
    Inquire immediately with a sales associate about activating your Vi Number.
  5. The representative will explain how to activate your Vi number.
  6. Your Vi SIM card will be activated when it has been televerified.

How to Activate Vi SIM, which is Already Deactivated?

The business claims the power to disable a SIM card without notice if it hasn’t been used for an extended period of time. However, you may also enable this feature by contacting customer care. The SIM card may be reactivated at any local VI store.

The Steps to Start Using a Ported Sim.

The porting process is simple with Vi. To obtain a Unique Porting Code for MNP to Vodafone Idea, send the text message PORT + 10-digit mobile number to port> to 1900. A replacement Vi SIM card will be delivered to your house free of charge, and you may expect to receive text messages updating you on the progress of your transfer.

  1. Simply visit the port’s internet portal, where you’ll be asked for some rudimentary information.
  2. Simply type in your address and click on a suitable plan.
  3. When your transaction is processed, you will receive a new Vi SIM card at no additional cost.
  4. Confirm the port-in request by generating a Unique Porting Code (UPC).
  5. You will soon receive a Vi SIM card.
  6. Give your UPC to the SIM delivery person when they come to your house.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Activation number for Vi SIM card?

To activate your Vi sim card, you simply dial 59059 from your mobile phone. Once you’ve dialed the number, hit the call button and listen to the audio prompts. Vi sim activation takes around 24 hours.

Is There a Way to Verify That a Vi Sim Card Is Active?

When your SIM card is activated, you may use the services your prepaid plan provides, such as Talktime and data.

In what timeframe is a Vi Sim activated?

Prepaid SIM cards take a few hours to activate after delivery.

Can VI Sim be activated using the mobile app?

Users cannot activate a SIM card using an app at this time. The only ways to activate a SIM card are in-store, over the phone, by text message, or with the aid of a delivery person.

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