Hindu Organization Holds Protest in Kolhapur Over Use of Tipu Sultan’s Image With Offensive

Hindu Organization Holds Protest in Kolhapur: On Shiva Rajabhishek Day, the news from Kolhapur Seven young people put up offensive status updates on WhatsApp, which caused anger. After this happened, Hindutva groups in Kolhapur took a strong stand against young people who were involved in violence. They sat down in front of the police stations in Laxmipuri and Shahupuri.

After the picketing, people threw rocks at each other at Laxmipuri, CPR, and Dussehra Chowk in Kolhapur city. The cops then forced the young people to go their separate ways and got the situation under control. This thing that happened Tuesday afternoon (June 6) went on until late at night.

After what happened on the day Shiva was crowned king, Hindutva groups in Kolhapur have come together and called for a Kolhapur bandh today, June 7. At Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Chowk, there will be a meeting of Hindutva groups. After everyone has gathered at Shivaji Chowk, the Maharaja’s statue will be honored and the Dhiya Mantra will be said. Banda Salokhe has asked everyone to be disciplined, not push anyone, not make offensive slogans, and fold their hands when the business is over.

Hindu Organization Holds Protest in Maharashtra Kolhapur

Maharashtra Kolhapur Clash: Hindu groups have shown up to protest in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. During this, two groups were also said to have thrown stones at each other. This protest happened because the picture of Aurangzeb caused a lot of trouble. The cops also used lathicharge to deal with this.

Kolhapur Police Use Force to Disperse Crowd

An official said that tensions were high in Kolhapur on Wednesday after police used force to break up a crowd that was upset that some locals had used a picture of Tipu Sultan and an offensive audio message as their “status” on social media. A group of right-wing activists held a protest on Tuesday.

They wanted to see what would happen to the people who, they say, put offensive dialogue and a picture of the ruler of Mysore in the 18th century on their social media profiles. The police made them feel better and told them to go home. The protesters were also told that some people had been arrested, the source said.

“Some organizations had called for a Kolhapur bandh and the members of these organizations gathered at Shivaji Chowk today. After their demonstration ended, the crowd began to disperse but some miscreants started pelting stones, forcing police to use force against these people to disperse them,” said Kolhapur Superintendent of Police Mahendra Pandit.

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Tension Simmers After Clashes Between Two Groups in Kolhapur

Kolhapur clashes: Local police, the RAF, and the SRPF have sent extra teams to trouble spots in the city to keep things from getting out of hand. Kolhapur is a town in Maharashtra. On Wednesday, there was a conflict between two groups because of a controversial social media post. Some right-wing groups in the town called for a bandh to protest a controversial post on social media.

Hindu Organization Holds Protest in Kolhapur

The police had to use pepper spray to tame the crowd of protesters. Extra police, SRPF, and RAF teams have been sent to make sure the situation doesn’t get out of hand. Reports say that a fight broke out between two sides because of a post on social media that praised the Mughal king Aurangzeb. People are enjoying in the photo, which shows posters of Aurangzeb and Tipu Sultan.

A lot of people from right-wing groups met at Shivaji Chowk to make sure the bandh call was followed. Soon, fighting broke out, and the cops had to use batons to stop the violence.

In response to the Kolhapur event, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Eknath Shinde, said, “It is the job of the government to keep law and order in the state. I also ask for peace and quiet from the people. The police are looking into it, and if they find anyone guilty, they will be punished.”

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Deputy CM Devendra Fadnavis also said that these kinds of actions won’t be allowed, and he promised that a thorough investigation will be done to find the people who are trying to cause trouble.

“People of a particular community are glorifying Aurangzeb.. this will not be tolerated. Aurangzeb is being glorified simultaneously in different districts of Maharashtra… this cannot happen all of a sudden. It is not just a coincidence,” Fadnavis said.


Hindutva groups in Kolhapur have called for a Kolhapur bandh today to protest against young people who put up offensive status updates on WhatsApp. Police used force to break up a crowd that was upset that some locals had used offensive dialogue and a picture of Tipu Sultan. The Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Eknath Shinde, and Deputy CM Devendra Fadnavis have condemned the clashes between two groups in Kolhapur due to a post on social media glorifying the Mughal king Aurangzeb.

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