Is Hightown Season 3 Release Date Confirmed? What Will Happen in Upcoming Season of Hightown?

Hightown Season 3 Release Date: Rebecca Cutter’s crime thriller Hightown is back for another round of murder in the sun. It takes place in the beautiful area of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, but in a much less picturesque setting. In the suspense series Hightown, an alcoholic National Marine Fisheries Service agent struggles to stay sober while investigating organized crime against the backdrop of the opioid crisis.

In the second season of the drama show, the main character, Jackie Quiones, tried to catch the drug dealer she thought was responsible for the death of her best friend. Here’s what we know about when Hightown season 3 will come out, as well as all the other important information about the next episode of the TV show.

Hightown Season 3 Release Date

Starz picked up Hightown for a third season in March 2022, and we expect the show to return in late 2023. Since filming happened at the end of last year, the series is probably already done with post-production.

But a recent rumor from TVLine said that it might not come out for a few more months. Also, it’s not clear if the current strikes by the Screen Actors Guild, American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, and the Writers Guild of America affect Hightown. This article will be updated with any news about the show so that you can stay in the know.

Where to Watch Hightown Season 3?

The next season is likely to be available on STARZ, which is the same streaming service that showed the first two seasons. Since the streaming platform hasn’t made an official statement, people think that the delay could be due to something important.

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What Will Be the Plot of Hightown Season 3?

In the next season, the story should pick up to show if Jackie will be able to give up her bad habits again or if she will have another relapse.

Hightown Season 3 Release Date

The story will also show if Frankie is still alive after Osito had him stabbed in prison, and it will also show if Rene will be caught for killing Jorge. All of these answers won’t be known until the third season of Hightown comes out, which will happen either at the end of 2023 or next year on Starz.

The Cast of Hightown Season 3

Most of the actors, like Monica Raymund, are expected to come back for Season 3 of Hightown. New cast members are Garret Dillahunt, Jeanine Serralles, and Kaya Rosenthal. The main actors and actresses who are set to come back are:

  • Monica Raymund as Jackie Quiñones
  • Dohn Norwood as Alan Saintille
  • James Badge Dale as Det. Ray Abruzzo
  • Riley Voelkel as Renee Segna
  • Amaury Nolasco as Frankie Cuevas Sr.
  • Atkins Estimond as Osito
  • Garret Dillahunt as Shane Frawley
  • Jeanine Serralles as Rachel
  • Kaya Rosenthal as Sarah

Hightown Season 2 Recap

At the end of season two of Hightown, Jackie had relapsed, trooper Alan’s career was in danger, and a wannabe kingpin named Osito had ordered a shiv attack on drug dealer Frankie Cuevas Sr., who was in jail.

Along with the new characters who will shake things up, these storylines will continue. Shane Frawley and his careless nephew Owen will try to take over the drug trade in Cape Cod from Osito, while Jackie is obsessed with the case of the mysterious missing woman Ellie Barone.

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Is Hightown Season 3 Trailer Released?

As of October 2023, there had not been a trailer for Season 3 of Hightown. If you want to see what the show is like, you can watch the Season 2 trailer below. For more news about TV shows, movies, and animation,


Hightown, a crime thriller series by Rebecca Cutter, is set to return for a third season on Starz in late 2023. The show follows Jackie Quiones, an alcoholic National Marine Fisheries Service agent, as she investigates organized crime amid the opioid crisis. The plot will focus on Jackie’s recovery from a drug addiction, Frankie’s survival, and Rene’s involvement in Jorge’s murder. The cast includes Monica Raymund, Dohn Norwood, James Badge Dale, and Renee Segna. The show’s trailer has not been released yet.

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