Hidden Strike Movie Release Date: Storyline, Official Trailer and Where to Watch

Hidden Strike Movie Release Date: Hidden Strike, an action comedy that has been in post-production limbo for more than five years, will finally be released on 28, July, 2023. Jackie Chan, an actor who has been in more than 150 movies and has been practicing martial arts for more than 40 years, and John Cena, a sixteen-time WWE world wrestling champion who is now an actor, play in the movie. On a mission in Baghdad, the two action heroes are forced to work together to get civilians to safety.

During creation, Hidden Strike was called Project X-traction, Project X, Ex-Baghdad, Snafu, and The Furious Sandstorm. The start-and-stop way that production and distribution happened had little to do with COVID-19 and everything to do with how Chinese cinema and its place in international box office success are changing.

China has a big impact on how many people watch and buy foreign movies, so when things change in Chinese cinema, they are felt in Hollywood. But, as the director says, Hidden Strike is a “hopeful model for successful Hollywood-China collaboration, both in terms of art and business.” Here’s everything we know about the movie as it gets ready to come out.

What is the Release Date of the Hidden Strike Movie?

The makers of this action movie, Hidden Strike, have finally announced when it will come out. The new leaks say that Hidden Strike will come out on Netflix on July 28, 2023. People are even more excited for the movie to come out now that they have seen the video.

In the movie, a journey takes place during a war over oil. It is set in the Middle East, and in the future, people are fighting over oil. There are a lot of big blasts and scenes of destruction. The story is about a group of thieves from all over the world who want to steal the most oil ever. What’s cool is that the bad guys are funny, which gives the action genre an interesting twist.

Where to Watch Hidden Strike Online?

Right now, it’s not clear if Hidden Strike will come out in theaters or on an OTT channel. Fans are eagerly waiting to find out where on Netflix they can watch the movie. Watch for new information about this.

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What is the Plot of Hidden Strike Movie?

The main character of the movie is a former Chinese soldier who now works as a private security contractor and is sent to save workers at a Chinese-owned oil refinery. He finds out that the attack was part of a plan to steal oil. He works with an American Marine who served in the military and now lives in Iraq to teach children.

John Cena With Jackie Chan

Before he found out the truth, though, the marine was tricked into thinking he was working to recover Chinese assets that had been stolen. He was “had” and then became a member of the Snow Leopard Commando. As the two deal with mercenaries, huge blasts, and a lot of violence, they joke around and try to make each other laugh.

Even though this has all the signs of a standard action-comedy, director Scott Waugh says that both characters’ backstories will have an emotional side. Waugh told The Hollywood Reporter, “I always want my movies to take the audience for a full ride. I want you to laugh, cry, and feel like you’re on the edge of your sea. People now pay a lot more money to see movies, so it’s our job as directors to keep them entertained.

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Also, Hidden Strike is based on Chinese culture in a big way. Chan said that Scott Waugh and John Cena had a “curiosity for China,” which is why Waugh spent months in China to prepare for the movie and Cena learned Mandarin. This project between XYZ Films, Changchun Film Studio, and Huaxia Film Distribution goes beyond the production details. Hidden Strike shows a dynamic, cross-border, international collaboration between several powerhouse production companies.

Hidden Strike Movie Cast

The important movie’s cast information is listed below. Click here to find out more about the main characters in Hidden Strike.

  • Jackie Chan
  • John Cena
  • Rachael Holoway
  • Zhenwei Wang
  • Minghao Hou
  • Amadeus Serafini
  • Max Huang
  • Li Ma
  • Nadine Leon Gobet

Hidden Strike Movie Official Trailer

About Hidden Strike Movie

The figure played by Jackie Chan is at the center of the action and adventure movie Hidden Strike. The movie’s plot and story are still a secret, but fans can be sure that it will be exciting and keep them on the edge of their seats.


Hidden Strike, an action comedy starring Jackie Chan and John Cena, is set to release on July 28, 2023. The movie follows a group of thieves from the Middle East who want to steal the most oil. The plot revolves around a former Chinese soldier who works as a private security contractor to save workers at a Chinese-owned oil refinery. The movie is based on Chinese culture and is set to be released on Netflix. The cast includes Chan, Cena, Holoway, Wang, Hou, Serafini, Huang, Li Ma, and Gobet. The movie’s plot and story remain a secret, but fans can expect an exciting and thrilling experience.

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