Hidden Love Episode 20 Release Date Netflix: What Will Happen in Hidden Love Episode 20?

Hidden Love Episode 20 Release Date: Fans are eagerly waiting to find out when Hidden Love Season 1 Episode 20 will come out, what time it will air, and other information. This page has the most up-to-date information about when Hidden Love Season 1 Episode 20 will come out.

Hidden Love Episode 20 Release Date

Hidden Love is a popular Chinese Drama Series that debuted on June 20, 2023. After only a few episodes, the show became very famous, which led to the announcement of a new season. The first season has already started, and a few shows have already aired. After the last episode, fans are eager to know when Hidden Love Episode 20, the next episode, will come out. Episode 20 will finally be out on July 5, 2023, after a long wait.

Where to Watch Hidden Love Episode 20?

Fans can watch Season 1 Episode 20 of Hidden Love on services like Netflix. People are really looking forward to this show, and this episode is supposed to have an even more interesting plot. Make sure you don’t miss the date when the series comes out and tune in to watch it.

What is the Story of Hidden Love Season 1?

Sang Zhi kept the fact that she liked Duan Jia Xu to herself. She didn’t want to hurt their friendship, and she didn’t want to be turned down. But the longer she was with him, the more she liked him.

When Sang Zhi and Duan Jia Xu ran into each other as adults, they were both surprised to find that they still liked each other. They got right back into their old habit of spending time together, and as time went on, their relationship grew stronger. The story of Sang Zhi and Duan Jia Xu’s love is a sweet tale of fate and love that lasts. It shows that real love can get through anything, even if there are problems in the way.

Hidden Love Episode 20 Cast

  • Zhao Lu Si plays Sang Zhi
  • Chen Zhe Yuan plays Duan Jia Xu
  • Victor Ma plays Sang Yan
  • Zeng Li plays Li Ping
  • Qiu Xin Zhi plays Sang Rong
  • Guan Zi Jing plays Li Xun
  • Wang Yang plays Jiang Si Yun
  • Zhang Hao Lun plays Chen Jun Wen
  • Zhang Jiong Min plays Fu Zheng Chu
  • Smile Wei plays Ning Wei

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What Happened in Previous Episodes of Hidden Love?

In the beginning of the previous show, Sang Zhi got a gift from Duan Jiaxu. When she opened it, she found a camera and a selfie of him. She told him that he was a mean and sneaky old man. But later, she thought she might be in a relationship. When she told Sang Yan this, he scolded her and told her to work hard in school.

Hidden Love Episode 20 Release Date

On the other hand, Ning Wei told Sang Zhi to think carefully before making any decisions, and if she wasn’t sure about her relationship with Duan Jiaxu, she should test him. Duan Jiaxu was missing her, so he called her to see if she could hang out with him tomorrow. But before she could say anything, Ning Wei answered and said, “No.”

Duan Jiaxu got scared and asked a coworker for help. He later found out that Sang Zhi was just trying him. So he called her again and asked if he could see her Thursday night. She finally said “Yes,” but Duan Jiaxu had to cancel their dinner date because he had to take care of something important. It wasn’t the first time he did that, so her roommates grumbled about Duan.

But he really went to see his father, who was in a vegetative state and living in a care home. Well, a few years ago, his father was killed in a terrible accident that threw Duan’s life into chaos. But when he got home, he was surprised to find out that Sang Zhi didn’t want to talk to him. Even though it was hard, he chose to go after her.

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About Hidden Love Series

The first episode of Hidden Love, a very popular Chinese Drama Series, aired on June 20, 2023. The show has become very famous, which led to the making of Season 1. Hidden Love has become a must-watch show because of its interesting plot and rising number of fans.


Hidden Love, a popular Chinese drama series, debuted on June 20, 2023, and has since become famous. The first season has already started, and fans are eagerly anticipating the release of Season 1 Episode 20 on July 5, 2023. The story revolves around Sang Zhi and Duan Jia Xu’s love story, which grew stronger over time. The cast includes Zhao Lu Si, Chen Zhe Yuan, Victor Ma, Zeng Li, Qiu Xin Zhi, Guan Zi Jing, Wang Yang, Zhang Hao Lun, Fu Zheng Chu, and Smile Wei. The show’s interesting plot and rising number of fans make it a must-watch.

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