Hatya Movie OTT Release Date, OTT Platform, Storyline and Cast of the Movie

Hatya Movie OTT Release Date: This piece will tell you about the Hatya movie’s OTT release date, trailer, cast, time, and OTT platform. The Hatya movie will come out in theaters on July 21, 2023. Vijay Antony is making a new movie to keep people entertained with his unique movies. The movie will be shown in many different languages. In Telugu, it is called Hatya, and in Tamil, it is called Kolai. The title poster has been made public, and the title looks fierce.
Vijay Antony always tries to give his audience something new, and he seems very sure of himself this time as well, since he shared a picture for the title launch on his Instagram account. Both the Tamil and Telugu versions of the movie have different names. The Tamil name is Kolai. Still, the movie’s diverse cast was what really made it stand out.

Hatya Movie OTT Release Date

The movie Hatya comes out in theaters on July 21, 2023. After 6 weeks in theaters, Hatya is scheduled to come out on the OTT platform. After the movie comes out in theaters, the creators will announce the exact OTT release date. In the meantime, stay tuned, and we’ll let you know as soon as we get the official word.

Hatya Movie OTT Platform

Hatya is a detective story in which Vijay Antony plays a detective. The title poster has been released, but the movie is still being filmed. The makers are very sure that the movie will be in theaters by the end of 2022, though. As of now, the makers haven’t said anything about digital rights, so I think it’s too soon to talk about them.

Hatya Movie Satellite Rights

The film’s producer will give the Satellite rights to a TV station so that the film can be shown on TV. Soon, TV channels will finally get the rights to stream the movie Hatya over satellite. Before the satellite launch, there will be a lot of advertising.

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The Story of Hatya Movie

A good police officer named Sandhya (Ritika Singh) starts to look into the death of a well-known model, and her five known friends are all suspects. With the help of Detective Vianyak (Vijay Antony), Sandhya figures out what happened.

The Cast and Crew of Hatya Movie

The main characters in the movie are Hatya Ritika Singh, Radhika Sartahkumar, and Jhon Vijay. The movie is directed by Balaji Kumar, composed by Girish Gopalakrishnan, and produced by Kamal Bohara and Lalitah Dananjayan under the name of Infinity Film Ventures in association with Lotus Pictures.

Hatya Movie Official Trailer

About Hatya Movie

The Telugu thriller film Hatya is coming out soon. Starring Vijay Antony, Ritika Singh, Radhika Sartahkumar, Murali Sharma, Jhon Vijay, Arjun Chidambaram . Balaji Kumar was in charge of making the movie. The Central Board of Film Certification gave the movie a “UA” rating. Here, you can find information about the Hatya movie OTT Platform, digital rights for viewing online, the Hatya movie OTT release date, and Hatya satellite rights to a TV channel.

Hatya Movie is a Telugu movie that will be shown in India in Null Language. It was made by Kamal Bohara and Lalitah Dananjayan, who worked with Lotus Pictures and Infinity Film Ventures. This movie has a score of 7.6 out of 10 on IMDb, which means that more than 60% of people like it.

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The Hatya Movie will be shown in all Indian theaters on October 12, 2022. The music for the Hatya Movie was written by Girish Gopalakrishnan. The OTT Platform will definitely buy the movie Hatya so that it can be watched online. Watching the movie online will tell you the Official OTT Platform and the OTT release date. Please read the information that follows.


The Telugu thriller film Hatya, directed by Balaji Kumar and produced by Kamal Bohara and Lalitah Dananjayan, is set to release on July 21, 2023, in theaters in India. The movie is a detective story with a diverse cast, including Vijay Antony. The film is set to be released on the OTT platform after six weeks in theaters. The OTT platform will buy the movie for online viewing, with the official release date and trailer available online.

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