Has Wolf Like Me Season 3 Release Date Announced? Everything We Know So Far!

Wolf Like Me Season 3 Release Date: Wolf Like Me Season 3 will be Gary and Mary’s most difficult challenge yet: raising a werewolf pup. Wolf Like Me, starring Josh Gad as single father Gary, premiered on Peacock in 2022. It follows Gary as he raises his daughter and copes with the loss of his wife. When Gary meets Mary (Isla Fisher of Confessions of a Shopaholic), he finds himself again. Mary is a werewolf, yet she helps Gary reconnect with his daughter and reignite his romance.

By season 2, the Josh Gad and Isla Fisher comedy looked to have found its feet after a difficult start. The program has been hailed for its genre-bending comedy. Wolf Like Me season 3 might be the most intense yet if Peacock greenlights it, with Mary and Gary now parents and the law possibly after them.

Has Wolf Like Me Season 3 Confirmed?

Peacock hasn’t picked up Wolf Like Me for a third season yet. But the second part of Gary and Mary’s story didn’t come out until October 2023. Wolf Like Me season 3 might not happen until after the second season, because Peacock and its owners, NBCUniversal, want to see how well the second season does.

Wolf Like Me Season 3 Release Date

Wolf Like Me Season 3 Release Date

Since Wolf Like Me hasn’t been renewed yet, Peacock hasn’t set a date for when season 3 will come out. First season came out in 2022, and the second in 2023. However, there was more than a year between them, since the first came out in January and the second in October. If it turns out to be true, Wolf Like Me season 3 could come out as early as 2024 or as late as 2025.

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What Will Be the Story of Wolf Like Me Season 3?

After the end of season 2, Wolf Like Me season 3’s story needs to answer two important questions. The first one has to do with Mary and Gary’s child. When Mary’s waters broke on the full moon, she had to give birth in her Wolf form. The child was born as a wolf too. Of course, Gary and Mary will face some hurdles as they raise a werewolf child. However, not many people really understand how naturally born werewolves work. The pari are once again in a place they have never been before. The problems they face will be at the heart of the third season’s story.

What else is left unsaid in Wolf Like Me season 3? Will the police find out that Gary and Mary were killed by roadside thieves Jayden and Shane? At the end of the second season, the cops came to Gary and Mary’s door with questions and evidence that could show they had something to do with Jayden and Shane’s deaths. It’s impossible to say how the pair will handle this problem because it looks like they can only run away or Mary will tell them she’s a werewolf. When Wolf Like Me season 3 comes back on Peacock, it could be the start of the worst times for Gary and Mary so far.

The Cast of Wolf Like Me Season 3

There has been no news about the cast of Wolf Like Me season 3, but it’s likely that the same people will be in it as in the first two seasons. Isla Fisher, who has been in Strays and Back to the Outback, would play Mary again. Mary is an advice writer who is also a werewolf. Josh Gad (Frozen, Beauty and the Beast) will also be back as Gary, the father who is no longer single. Ariel Donoghue (Crossing Paths, High Life) is likely to play his daughter Emma.

Wolf Like Me Season 3 Release Date

It’s not as easy to guess who else will be in Wolf Like Me season 3, but Emma Lung (Crush, Crave) is likely to return as Sarah, Gary’s sister-in-law, and Anthony Taufa (Down Under, Zombie Bro) is likely to play her partner Ray. Additionally, Alan Dukes, who played Trevor on “Inhuman Resources” and “Locusts,” would most likely play him again. It’s just a guess, though, until we know more about the story of the third season.

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All About Wolf Like Me Series

The story is mostly about Gary, who is very upset and has a hard time taking care of his daughter since his wife died. At the same time, Mary has a secret she can’t tell anyone, but fate puts these two strange people together.

The biggest problem Mary and Gary have ever had to deal with is getting pregnant in season 2. No matter how hard they try, it seems impossible for them to have a “normal” pregnancy. There are just too many questions. What kind of person or animal will their child be? How long can they keep their family in the dark? What they did in the bush might come back to haunt them.

To make things even worse, Anton, Mary’s old professor, is back and ready to cause trouble. Can they keep dating after finding out secrets about Mary’s past?


Wolf Like Me season 3 will be the most intense yet, as Gary and Mary face the challenge of raising a werewolf pup. The show, which premiered on Peacock in 2022, follows Gary as he raises his daughter and copes with the loss of his wife. The third season will address two important questions: the birth of Mary, a werewolf, and the police’s investigation into their involvement in the deaths of Jayden and Shane. The cast includes Isla Fisher as Mary, Josh Gad as Gary, Ariel Donoghue as Emma, Emma Lung as Sarah, Anthony Taufa as Ray, and Alan Dukes as Trevor. The story revolves around Gary’s struggle to raise his daughter and Mary’s secret, as well as their relationship with Anton, Mary’s old professor.

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