Has Disenchantment Season 6 Renewed? When Will Disenchantment Season 6 Come?

Disenchantment Season 6: On Friday, September 1, the fifth season of Disenchantment started. This made people wonder if there will be a sixth season. Netflix’s animated show follows the travels of princess Tiabeanie “Bean,” her pet demon Luci, and her friend Elfo. The story is about a made-up medieval country called Dreamland and the lands around it that are fighting a plot.

Matt Groening made Disenchantment, but its storyline is in the past, while The Simpsons and Futurama were set in the present and future, respectively. Futurama just came back after a long break, and The Simpsons has been on for a long time. But, even though fans were hoping for another long-running show, Disenchantment is finishing, and there will not be a sixth season.

People who like the dream comedy were looking forward to the next season, so hearing that it wasn’t going to happen was a surprise. The channel said that season 5 would be the last one, but this piece looks into why season 6 of Disenchantment was canceled.

Has Disenchantment Renewed for Season 6?

Disenchantment season 5 is the last one, and Netflix made that very clear. Season 6 will not be coming after this. What did they call the video for season 5 on YouTube? Disenchantment: The Final Season. You can watch the tenth episode of Season 5 on Netflix. It’s called “Goodbye Bean.” These hints are enough to make me think that the show is coming to an end. Besides that, the story is going toward a smooth ending with no cliffhangers or loose ends.

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Why Was Disenchantment Season 6 Cancelled?

No, season 6 of Disenchantment wasn’t supposed to be on when the show began in 2017. That was never the plan. The first order from Netflix was for a show with 20 episodes. The 20 episodes in the first season were split into two 10-episode groups. For season 2 of the show, the same plan was used.

Disenchantment Season 6

There were only ten episodes in season 3, which the station called “part 3,” and the same plan was made for parts 4 and 5. The name “parts” for “seasons” was chosen to make people think that the parts make up a whole story. The story had a clear ending because the ideas of each part fit together. So, when the show started doing well season after season, there was some thought about making a sixth season of Disenchantment. But the storylines and plot points are all wrapped up in the fifth part, so there’s no need for a follow-up.

Some people also think that Netflix might stop shows without giving a good reason. Disenchantment is said to not have been as famous as Futurama or The Simpsons. IMDb’s movie-meter statistics showed that fewer people watched season 4 than watched the previous seasons. This means that Netflix would make less money if they renewed it for another season.

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All About Disenchantment Season 6

Fan of the show will be sad to hear that there will not be a sixth season of Disenchantment. They can hope for spinoffs in the future, though there hasn’t been any news about that yet. Another thing is that Titan Comics has released a Disenchantment comic book called Disenchantment: Untold Tales Vol.1. It will be available in stores in November 2023.

The 224-page book will have new and unpublished stories by Matt Groening about the three main characters’ experiences. As for the show, fans can watch old seasons again on Netflix. The fifth season of Disenchantment is now available to watch on the service.


Netflix’s animated show Disenchantment, which follows Princess Tiabeanie “Bean,” her pet demon Luci, and her friend Elfo, has ended its fifth season. The cancellation was due to the show’s success and the fact that the storylines and plot points were all wrapped up in the fifth season. The show’s popularity may have led to fewer viewers than previous seasons, resulting in less revenue for Netflix. Fans can still watch old seasons on Netflix, but no new spinoffs have been announced.

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