Grace Season 4 Release Date: What to Expect From the Highly Anticipated Series!

Grace is a British crime drama series that will premiere on ITV in March 2021. In the show, John Simm plays Detective Superintendent Roy Grace. a detective based in Brighton who investigates high-profile cases. With its captivating plots, engaging characters, and outstanding performances, the show has quickly gained a devoted following.

As the third season of the show came to an end, fans awaited news about the series’ fourth season renewal. The possibility of Grace having a fourth season has sparked a lot of speculation and buzz among viewers, adding to the excitement for the upcoming season.

This article will go over everything we currently know about the release date and more for Grace’s upcoming fourth season, as well as address the nagging question on every fan’s mind: Will it ever happen?

Grace Season 4 Expected Release Date and Time

Filming began in Brighton in April 2023, and with the third season averaging more than five million viewers per episode, ITV is expected to want to get the new series on our screens as soon as possible.

With all three previous seasons premiering in the spring, the fourth series is expected to follow suit and premiere on ITV1 in the spring of 2024.

Grace Season 4 Cast — who’s in it?

John Simm will reprise his role as DS John Grace, and after relocating to Brighton, where the show is shot, he could play the detective for many years to come.

“Moving here has really helped me get into the world of Grace,” he said recently. “We film all over Brighton, Hove, and the surrounding area, so I’m more aware of where I am now!”

“We didn’t move here because of Grace; it was just a strange, happy accident, but it’s great not to be traveling or staying in hotels all the time, which is usually how my life is.” I’ve been in London for so long that it feels like we’ve gone on vacation!”

Meanwhile, Richie Campbell will reprise his role as DS Glenn Branson, Craig Parkinson will reprise his role as DS Norman Potting, Zo Tapper will reprise her role as Cleo Morey, and Laura Elphinstone will reprise her role as DS Bella Moy.

Clare Calbraith is also set to reprise her role as Grace’s estranged wife Sandy.

Grace Season 4 Release Date

Plotline or Storyline of Grace

Detective Superintendent Roy Grace, who has been haunted by the long-ago loss of his wife, is the story’s central character in Grace. In each episode, he investigates a new case, which frequently reveals secrets and puts him in perilous situations. Grace, based on Peter James’ bestselling novel series, adapts a few of his books each season.

The first season of the show focuses on the cases of a missing teenager, a dismembered body, and a husband suspected of murdering his wife; the second season focuses on a drug gang operating in Brighton and a serial killer targeting young women. The third season follows the cases of a serial killer who uses poison to kill people, a group of con artists who prey on the elderly, and a missing university student.

Throughout the series, we follow Roy Grace’s personal life, including his friendship with coworker Glenn Branson, his search for his wife, who has gone missing, and his issues with the past. The show’s strong performances, gripping storyline, and thrilling suspense have made it a fan favorite, and fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the fourth season.

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Where To Watch Grace Season 4?

Despite the lack of official updates on Grace Season 4, fans can watch the previous season, Grace Season 3, on ITV. The upcoming season is expected to be available on ITV as well. More information on where to watch Grace Season 4 will be released soon.

ITV is a well-known British television network that broadcasts a variety of programs such as news, drama, entertainment, and sports. Overall, ITV is a well-known part of British culture, providing millions of viewers with high-quality entertainment and educational programming.


Grace, an ITV crime drama, premieres in March 2021. Brighton-based Detective Superintendent Roy Grace, played by John Simm, investigates high-profile cases. ITV1 will air the fourth season in the spring of 2024. John Simm plays DS John Grace, Richie Campbell plays Glenn Branson, Craig Parkinson plays Norman Potting, Zo Tapper plays Cleo Morey, and Laura Elphinstone plays Bella Moy. Grace’s ex-wife Sandy, Clare Calbraith, will return.

The British TV series Grace is based on Peter James’ novels. Detective Superintendent Roy Grace’s quest for his wife and prior troubles are covered. Grace Season 3 and the forthcoming season will air on ITV. Millions of Brits watch ITV’s high-quality entertainment and education.

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