Global Surfaces Limited IPO GMP: Listing Date, Allotment, Lot Size

In this article, you will find information about the Global Surfaces Limited IPO, including its GMP, lot size, listing date, allotment, and other important details.

GSL is a prominent manufacturer of high-quality stone surface products. The company is planning to launch its IPO to raise funds for the expansion and diversification of its product portfolio.

Global Surfaces Limited IPO 
This company is one of the most important miners, manufacturers, and exporters of natural stones and man-made quartz. It has been an important part of the global stone business. The company used to be based in Jaipur, but it has grown into a multifaceted business with a new name.
Since it was started in 2004, Director Mayank Shah has helped it get better. The company wants to raise Rs. 155 crores by selling 8,520,000 shares to investors during an initial public offering (IPO).
In 2022, it made Rs. 198 crores in sales, and in 2021, it made Rs. The price range for each share in the IPO is Rs. 133 to Rs. 140, and each lot is made up of 100 shares.
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There are 11,070,000 shares, and each one costs Rs. 10. The initial public offering will start on March 13 and end on March 15. Allotment will happen on March 20, and refunds will be processed the next day.
Global Surfaces Limited IPO GMP
Global Surfaces Limited IPO GMP Today
The upcoming IPO of Global Surfaces is expected to have a GMP price of Rs. 135 per share, with a face value of Rs. 10. The size of the issue is estimated to be around Rs. 155 crores, and the smallest number of shares that can be bid on is 10.
Given the company’s strong presence in both domestic and international markets, Unistone Capital Pvt Ltd is managing the issue, and investors from all over the country are expected to participate.
GSL is in a good position to take advantage of the growing demand for aesthetically pleasing stone surfaces in India because it offers a wide range of stone surface products in different shapes and sizes. Once the Global Surfaces IPO begins, the price of GMP will be made public.

Global Surfaces Limited IPO Lot Size

Global Surfaces Limited is set to launch its initial public offering (IPO) with a lot of sizes of 100, offering investors an opportunity to invest in a company that leads the global surface technology industry. The lot of size of 100 represents the number of shares each investor can buy in the IPO.

The company has set a minimum subscription of 5 lots, with each lot containing 100 shares of Global Surfaces Limited. The IPO will be open for investors to participate in from March 13th to March 15th, 2023.

By investing in this IPO, investors can benefit from the growth potential of Global Surfaces Limited, which is committed to developing innovative and advanced surface solutions to meet the needs of various industries. Investors can participate in this IPO through any of the leading stock exchanges in India.

What is the Global Surfaces Limited IPO Listing Date?

Global Surfaces Limited, a leading manufacturer of architectural and building products, is set to list its IPO on the stock exchange soon. The IPO aims to raise capital to fund expansion and further investment in the business. Investors who choose to invest in the company will benefit from its strong market presence, well-established customer base, and commitment to innovation and technological development.

Their investment will support the company’s growth and development. The IPO offers existing and potential investors the opportunity to purchase shares in the company and become part of its growth story. Listing on the stock exchange will provide liquidity to the shares and increase their value for investors.

Investors will also have access to the company’s financial information and participate in the decision-making process. Overall, the Global Surfaces Limited IPO listing in 2023 is an excellent opportunity for investors to get involved in a promising company with a bright future. It will help provide liquidity to the shares and attract more investors in the future.

Global Surfaces Limited IPO Allotment Detailed Information

The value of the IPO is Rs. 155 crores, and each share is worth Rs. The price of each share will be between Rs. 133 and Rs. The IPO will use a lottery system to decide who gets shares. Each eligible investor will be given a unique lottery number. After the IPO ends, the allotment process will be finished within two business days.
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Investors can check the status of their allotment on the company’s website or at the office of the registrar. The registrar will send a confirmation email to those who were chosen. Within a week of the IPO, the shares are likely to be traded on the stock market.
Global Surfaces Limited IPO GMP

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