From Season 3 Release Date: Storyline, Cast and Where to Watch

From Season 3 Release Date: John Gryphon, a creative genius with an out-of-this-world imagination, worked his magic to make the sci-fi horror series From for Epix. Now that the curtain has gone up on this scary show, fans can’t wait for From Season 3 to come out and scare them. According to the story, it went on a journey that changed it, and it came back to life as MGM+.

It all started on February 20, 2022, when the first episode of the first season shook viewers to their cores. The story was so interesting that the show was given a second season, which will start in April 2022 and promise even more deep dives into the unknown. The story of From keeps going, which keeps people interested.

From Season 3 Release Date

“From Season 3” is about to come out on MGM+ and nowhere else. Even though the exact release date is still a mystery, 2024 could be a year of mysteries being solved and spine-tingling suspense.

Ten exciting episodes are planned for the next season, which is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. And, just like in the past, you can always count on a weekly dose of mystery and excitement.

Where to Watch From Season 3?

From season 3, it would be available to stream in the US on MGM Plus, just like the first two seasons. You’ll need a VPN if you’re not in the US.

From Season 3 Release Date

If you can’t access some of the best streaming services because of geo-blocking, we have a guide to the best VPN for streaming. Don’t let annoying digital borders on the internet cause you to miss out. You can sign up for MGM Plus on their website if you live in the US.

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What Will Be the Plot of From Season 3?

From the start, the epic story of the Matthews family has a twist that keeps you interested. Their trip across the country in the fancy RV is cut short when a huge tree falls in the middle of the road. The Matthews have to change the direction of their expedition because of a big problem caused by nature.

As they wander down roads they don’t know, their RV wheels make a hesitant arc backwards, and they end up in a cute town. This pretty village becomes a strange mystery for the Matthews. No matter how hard they try, they can’t get out of the town because its borders are like a maze and keep them in a loop.

With each passing hour, the Matthews’ anger and confusion get worse and worse until they reach a painful peak. When their world and the town’s world meet, things get very dangerous. The terrible car accident makes them realize that they have unknowingly stepped into a waking nightmare.

It becomes clear that the people who live in this strange town are not like other people. From Season 3, the mesmerizing storyline starts to come together, peeling back the layers of this mysterious community in Seasons 1 and 2. In each episode, we meet a new resident, who adds to the creepy overall picture.

The Cast of From Season 3

We can’t wait to hear who will be in From Season 3, but it looks like some iconic characters will be played by people we already know. Even though no official contracts have been signed yet, it’s likely that we’ll see these characters again. Harold Perrineau did a great job bringing Sheriff Boyd Stephens to life. We all want to know more about him because of how mysterious he is. Then there is Catalina Sandino Moreno, who plays Tabitha Matthews.

From Season 3 Release Date

Jim Matthews, who is played by the charming Eion Bailey, has become a fan favorite. David Alpay’s mysterious and attractive character Jade Herrera has left an indelible mark on the show.

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The character of Donna Raines, played by Elizabeth Saunders, has given the show a new twist. Of course, these experienced actors aren’t the only ones in the series. There are also a lot of other characters, each of which adds something unique to the story.

Is There Any Trailer for From Season 3?

We haven’t seen a trailer for From season 3, but we bet we will by late 2024, when the new season is likely to come out. We always have trailers for new seasons before they come out, so expect one soon before season 3 comes out on MGM Plus. The good news is that From’s official website has a lot of great behind-the-scenes content that you can watch.


From, a sci-fi horror series created by John Gryphon, is set to return for Season 3 on MGM+ in April 2022. The show follows the Matthews family as they navigate a mysterious town after a tree falls on their RV. The plot revolves around the Matthews family’s journey, as they face danger and confusion in a strange community. The cast includes iconic characters like Sheriff Boyd Stephens, Tabitha Matthews, Jim Matthews, Jade Herrera, and Donna Raines. Although no official trailer has been released, fans can expect one by late 2024. The show’s official website offers behind-the-scenes content.

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