Felipe Colares Net Worth: Unnatural Death and Final Notice UFC Fighter! 2023

Felipe Colares Net Worth: When people heard that a UFC fighter had died, they wanted to know more about him. Find out how much Felipe Colares had in money before he died.

Luis Felipe Dias Colares was a Brazilian mixed martial artist who fought in the Bantamweight class. He has been a professional fighter since 2013.

His main claim to fame was that he fought in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Colares started working as a professional mixed martial artist in July 2013. He had a perfect record of 8-0 when the Ultimate Fighting Championship asked him to join.

In February 2019, he fought for the first time for the UFC. During his time with the company, he had a record of two wins and four losses.

Domingo Pilarte and Luke Sanders both lost to him. Colares’s last fight in the UFC was in May 2022, when he lost to Chase Hooper.

UFC Fighter Felipe Colares Net Worth

Since it was reported that Felipe Colares had died, people have been wondering how much he made in his work and what his net worth was.

Opoyi Central says that a UFC boxer had a net worth of $5 million before he died.

Felipe Colares Net Worth:

As a professional mixed martial artist, Felipe Colares would have made most of his money from fights and contracts with events like the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

He might also have made money from partnerships, endorsements, and other similar things. But there has always been little known about where and how he made his money.

A mixed martial artist’s income can be very different based on how much experience they have, how well they do, and how popular they are.

Felipe’s basic pay wasn’t talked about in public, but sources say that every artist’s income depends on how well they do.


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Felipe Colares’s Unnatural Death and Final Notice

Colares died in a terrible car accident on May 1, 2023. The MMA boxer was hit by a bus as he was walking back to his hotel in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, after training.

He was taken right away to Hospital Rocha Faria in Campo Grande, but, according to his coach, Rodrigo Babi, he died before he could get there.

Selma Cunha, who was one of Colares’ cousins, said on Facebook that he had died. She wrote a sad message that made it sound like she was close with UFC fighters.

The MMA world was shocked by his death, and he will be sorely missed. Colares went back to fighting in February 2023 under the Ares FC name. He beat Alioune Nahaye in Paris, France, and now has a record of 11 wins and 4 losses in MMA.

Colares used to be the featherweight king of the Jungle Fight. Between 2019 and 2022, he had two wins and four losses in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Felipe Colares Net Worth:

During his time in the UFC, he beat Domingo Pilarte and Luke Sanders, but he left after losing to Chris Gutierrez and Chase Hooper.

Brazilian news site Combate says that Felipe is left by his wife Jaqueline and their 6-month-old son Rhavi. The news that Colares died too soon broke the hearts of his family and friends.

It’s sad for his young family and for the MMA community as a whole. Everyone has shared their sadness and prayed for his family and close friends to stay strong.

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