Faltu 6th May 2023 Written Update: Tanisha and Faltu Are Fighting Over Ayaan!

The May 6, 2023, episode of the Indian Hindi-language drama television series Faltu begins with everyone anxiously awaiting Faltu and Ayaan’s arrival and speculating about their delay. Faltu and Ayaan are on stage performing the song “Rangisari” when the lights suddenly go out, causing bewilderment among the audience.

When the lights come back on, they reveal Faltu and Ayaan performing the song “Rangisari.” Tanisha realizes with fury as she glares at them that they always ruin her mood. While Ayaan romantically circles Faltu, Tanisha calls someone while sneering. Siddharth joins Tanisha on stage for a dance-off against Faltu and Ayaan as the performance concludes.

Faltu and Ayaan gracefully deliver another endearing performance, despite Tanisha and Siddharth’s efforts to outshine them. Savita questions Ayaan after the roundabout about why he was late, and he replies that he will explain later.

Ayaan is shocked when the police arrive at the Mittal mansion to apprehend him for illegal business dealings, in response to a complaint filed against him. Visit hotstar.com to view all episodes of the Hindi television series Teri Meri Dooriyaan or today’s full episode (6 May 2023).

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Faltu 6th May 2023 Written Update: Tanisha and Faltu Are Fighting Over Ayaan!

Kanika, Tanisha, Siddharth, and Sumitra are all grinning as they watch the drama play. But their happiness doesn’t last long because Ayaan says Kanika set him up. When Janardhan asks him about how they got into the office, Ayaan whispers to Faltu about whether it was legal.

Ayaan explains that he went to the office to find out what Tanisha and Siddharth were planning since he already knew they were up to something big. Janardhan asks the police officer not to arrest Ayaan after hearing what he had to say. Janardhan tells the officer that he built the company from the ground up and that he would never do anything to hurt his own business.

Faltu also speaks up and says that Tanisha told her the night before that she was going to set Ayaan up. Faltu also says that Siddharth and Kanika are guilty, but Sumitra tells her to be quiet because she is not in their class. Faltu tells her that she knows her place and tells Sumitra to focus on her son and daughter-in-law.

At that time, Tanisha acts worried and asks the police officer to leave, saying that it’s their wedding reception and that Ayaan can be arrested later. Tanisha says that if Ayaan is innocent, he has nothing to worry about if the cops are looking into him. Faltu tells Tanisha to stop talking, and Savita asks Kanika to stop.

Janardhan sits down on the chair with a thud that makes everyone look. But the cops put Ayaan in handcuffs and took him away. As they drag him away, Ayaan yells that Faltu has won against Tanisha because everyone in the family is standing with her. Ayaan tells Tanisha that she is afraid of the dark and that she will soon be left alone.

Faltu 6th May 2023 Written Update: Tanisha and Faltu Are Fighting Over Ayaan!

Tanisha is shocked and just stares at Ayaan. Later, when Ayaan is in jail, his cellmates start to worry him. Mayawati asks Janardhan in the Mittal house to do whatever it takes to get Ayaan out of jail. Sumitra tells Sid that Tanisha and Faltu are fighting like two wild cats over Ayaan. Sid tells Sumitra that he will win this fight.

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