Explosive Twist in Faltu: Mittal Family’s World Turned Upside Down With Ayaan and Faltu’s Truth!

“Faltu, an Indian Hindi-language drama show that airs on Star Plus, keeps catching people’s attention with every new episode. The people who make the show are doing everything they can to keep up the high level of drama. In a recent episode, Faltu tells Ayaan that she loves him, and he feels the same way.

They decide to get married, and Ayaan tells Faltu that the future will be good. He even says that Tanisha wants to get a divorce and will be leaving him soon. In this article, we’ll talk about how the truth about Ayaan and Faltu shocks everyone.”

About Faltu Serial

“Faltu” is a television drama series in Hindi produced by Boyhood Productions. Starring Niharika Chouksey and Aakash Ahuja, the series debuted on StarPlus on November 2, 2022. The series is also available on Disney+ Hotstar for streaming. The narrative chronicles the lives of Faltu, a girl whose parents gave her the name Faltu out of frustration over the birth of a third girl and stillborn twin boys.

Explosive Twist in Faltu

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Faltu was raised in a feudal family in rural Rajasthan, where she was mistreated and despised by all but her father and cousin Pratap on account of her gender, birth order, and interests. Faltu has a passion for cricket and uses makeshift bats such as poles and brooms to play, much to the amusement of the village, despite the traditional expectations of women in her community.

She strives to overcome the stigma and make her family proud.

Mittal Family’s World Turned Upside Down With Ayaan and Faltu’s Truth!

Explosive Twist in Faltu

In today’s episode of Faltu on 5th April 2023, Ayaan is seen standing on the balcony lost in thought. Tanisha notices his worried expression and calls out to him. Meanwhile, Janardhan is frustrated with Savita for failing to remove Faltu from the Mittal house.

He tells her that Ayaan is no longer obedient since Faltu entered his life and was not bothered even after being removed from the company. Savita is shocked to hear that Ayaan has been cast off from the business and pleads with Janardhan to reconsider. However, he explains that he is under pressure from Kanika, who is already upset with the change of events and cannot push her any further.

On the other hand, Tanisha tries to console Ayaan by informing him that she has spoken to Kanika and that he can rejoin the business after returning from Ittarpur. However, Ayaan refuses to return, believing that his father must have had a reason for removing him from the company.

Tanisha convinces Ayaan to stop being stubborn and informs him that she will also accompany them to Ittarpur to get familiar with the market. Ayaan is mildly surprised by this and tells Faltu about it. Meanwhile, Sumitra sees Mayavati drinking milk mixed with sedatives and waits for her to fall asleep.

After she does, Sumitra searches for Ayaan’s horoscope book to initiate some drama by revealing its truth to everyone. However, she becomes ecstatic when she also finds an interesting document from the Treatment Hospital along with the horoscope book. She quietly takes her findings with her and goes to Sid to tell him the news.

Sid is amused when he learns that Savita was pregnant before meeting Janardhan and plans to reveal this truth to everyone, with an evil smile. On the other hand, Ayaan tells Faltu about his truth and asks her to think about her decision carefully. Faltu solemnly tells him that she cannot be with him after knowing this truth.

Tears start flowing from Ayaan’s eyes, but Faltu quickly consoles him by saying that she is joking. Ayaan is mildly angry at her for joking, but Faltu tells him to trust her. She tells him that she loves her Maart Saahb, not Ayaan Mittal’s money. She brings a candle and vows before the flame that she will always be by Ayaan’s side, facing all the difficulties with him. She tells him that they will gradually convince the Mittal family to accept their relationship.

Explosive Twist in Faltu

Ayaan’s face breaks into a smile as he sees Faltu’s innocence and gets relieved knowing that he will not be alone anymore. If you want to download all episodes of Faltu Hindi Serial watch today’s full episode (5 April 2023) online, you can go to hotstar.com.

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