Junooniyatt: Elahi Send Kadha and Paratha for Jahaan!

The Indian TV show “Junooniyatt” is a musical romantic show in Hindi. In the last episode of the Colors show, Elahi was shocked by Jahaan’s rudeness and lack of interest in her. She left the room feeling very upset.

While this was going on, Maheep suggested doing a rite to protect Jordan from the evil eye, but he told his mother that it wasn’t necessary. At Elahi’s house, Bua tried to give her Haldi milk mixed with bhasam, but Amar stopped her and said that he would take care of Elahi from now on, which shocked Bua.

In Mehta Mansion, Inderjeet took care of Jordan and asked him for proof that the crash was a race. Dolly’s question about Elahi hurt Jahaan, and Jordan thought that because of that, Jahaan would stop getting in Elahi’s way.

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Junooniyatt: Elahi Send Kadha and Paratha for Jahaan!

Junooniyatt: Elahi Send Kadha and Paratha for Jahaan!

In the next episode, Inderjit talks to Maheep about his worries about how Jordan is being raised. He thinks that Jordan should not be given an easy life but should have to learn things on his own.

In the meantime, Jahaan talks to his doctors to find out if he can sing for 40 seconds in the competition coming up. Due to the risks, the doctors tell you not to do it. On the other hand, Maheep almost hits Jordan’s keytar when she gets angry, but Jordan stops her. He tells her that no matter what, he will win the race.

Husna gives Jahaan some “kadha” and “paratha,” but when Jahaan finds out that they are from Elahi, he turns them down. But Elahi talks to him on the deck and uses signs to persuade him to have the “kadha.” Elahi then asks Husna to do him a favor.

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Junooniyatt: Elahi Send Kadha and Paratha for Jahaan!

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