Dom Season 3 Release Date: How Does This Series Rate on IMDb?

Dom has become a classic crime story by showing how complicated the relationship between a father and son can be. This exciting series has recently caught people’s attention and become very famous. Dom, which comes from Brazil, has become one of the most popular crime stories.

It puts viewers in the middle of a thrilling cat-and-mouse game, a scary drug war, and a wild ride of emotions. As an Amazon Prime Original, Dom’s story and tension keep getting better and better, enthralling people all over the world. The story of Victor and Pedro Dom is told in this Prime Original, which has been watched by millions of people around the world.

Dom’s story is real and gritty, with elements of violence, drug use, drama, and action that will make your heart race. In Season 2 of this crime drama, Victor and Pedro’s deep friendship has already been praised by critics for how it is shown on screen.

Because Season 2 was so popular, there have been rumors about whether there will be a Season 3. In this piece, we’ll talk about what could happen in Season 3 of Dom and all the exciting things that could happen.


When Will Dom Season 3 Release?

In the absence of an official announcement, we are currently awaiting confirmation of Season 3 of Dom’s release date. Even with a verified two-season order, it could be months or even years before the new season is broadcast due to the nature of anime production. The intricate process of creating an anime requires a considerable quantity of time.

Dom Season 3 Release Date: How Does This Series Rate on IMDb?

Depending on when Season 3 is officially announced and when production begins, an air date in early 2024 is possible. However, until additional information becomes available, we must patiently await any updates regarding the release of Season 3 of Dom.

What Happened at Dom Season 2’s End?

The Brazilian crime drama TV show “Dom” can be watched right now on Amazon Prime Video. In Season 2, the story of Victor, a police officer, and Pedro, a drug boss, continues as they try to figure out their complicated relationship in the dangerous Rio de Janeiro drug trade.

In Season 2, Victor’s main goal is to catch a new drug lord named Moisés, who was guilty of the death of Victor’s colleague in Season 1. As Victor digs deeper into the case, he gets caught up in the criminal underworld.

This puts his family and his own safety in danger. Pedro struggles to keep control of his business while also dealing with personal demons and family problems. Pedro’s group and Moisés’s group have a violent showdown at the end of the season, and Victor gets stuck in the middle. After what happened in Season 2, Victor is able to catch Moisés and bring him to court, but it costs him a lot.

As Victor mourns the death of his father and tries to figure out what he did wrong, Pedro becomes a victim of the violence. At the end of the season, Victor thinks about his future and the choices he will have to make. This sets the stage for a third season that could be very exciting.

Dom Season 3 Cast: Who Will Be in Dom Season 3?

There has to be more information available about Dom’s cast and characters; as a result, fans are eagerly awaiting updates and announcements. So, refer to the table below.

  • Pedro Dom is played by Gabriel Leone.
  • Victor Dantas is played by Filipe Bragança.
  • Jasmin is played by Raquel Villar.
  • Laura is played by Mariana Cerrone.
  • Marisa is played by Laila Garin.
  • Viviane is played by Isabella Santoni.

How Does Dom Season 2 Rate on IMDb?

Critics and fans alike have mostly liked the Brazilian crime thriller series “Dom,” which is available on Amazon Prime Video. IMDb gives the show a score of 7.6/10 based on more than 7,000 reviews. It has an audience score of 83% and a reviewer score of 80% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Dom Season 3 Release Date: How Does This Series Rate on IMDb?

It’s important to note that scores and reviews can change as more people watch the series and more reviews are written, giving a more complete picture.

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