Discord Introduces Ai Chatbot: New AI capabilities coming to Discord

Discord Introduces Ai Chatbot: Chatbots and text-to-image converters are just two of the new artificial intelligence tools being added to Discord to improve the platform for its users.
Clyde, AutoMod AI, Chat Summaries, and Avatar Remix are just some of the new AI features.
More than 3 million Discord servers provide some form of AI experience, and more people are signing up every day so they may take part in AI-focused groups.
Users have been using AI applications on Discord for some time, and now the platform has announced the introduction of further AI tools, some of which will be brand new while others will expand upon the site’s current bots. Among these are text-to-image converters and conversational chatbots driven by artificial intelligence.

Discord introduces AI chatbot

According to Ajney Midha, Vice President, Platform Ecosystems at Discord, over 3 million Discord servers provide some type of artificial intelligence (AI) experience, from the creation of gaming assets to the use of AI by novel-writing groups and as companions in everyday life. According to Midha, more than 10% of new Discord users sign up only for the purpose of joining groups centered around a shared interest in artificial intelligence. Let us discuss about Discord Introduces Ai Chatbot.

New AI capabilities coming to Discord

Clyde: Clyde, the Discord bot, understands slash instructions and will notify you of any mistakes you make. With OpenAI’s assistance, it can now employ AI to respond to user queries and carry on in-depth discussions with them. People may start a conversation with Clyde on any channel simply by entering @Clyde into a server. Next week you’ll be able to purchase it.

AutoMod AI: AutoMod AI is a feature on Discord that uses artificial intelligence to automatically moderate and filter content in real-time. AutoMod AI is designed to prevent harmful or inappropriate content from appearing on the platform by analyzing messages and detecting potentially offensive language, images, or links.

AutoMod AI works by scanning messages for specific keywords, phrases, and patterns that are associated with toxic behavior, harassment, or other harmful content. When the system detects something that violates the community guidelines, it will either automatically delete the message or flag it for review by a human moderator.

AutoMod AI also allows Discord server owners to customize the moderation settings to fit their specific needs. For example, they can adjust the sensitivity of the system, add or remove specific keywords or phrases, and adjust the punishment for violating the rules

Discord introduces AI chatbot

Conversation Summaries: Discord has recently announced a new AI-generated feature called Conversation Summaries that will help users catch up on missed conversations. This feature will use artificial intelligence to analyze chat logs and summarize the most important topics and messages from a particular channel or server.

The Conversation Summaries will be available in Server Settings and will initially be launched in a limited number of servers starting next week. The AI-generated summaries will bundle streams of messages into topics, making it easier for users to quickly get up to speed on the most important conversations.

This new feature is expected to be particularly useful for users who may have missed a few days of conversations on Discord and want to catch up quickly without having to scroll through hundreds or even thousands of messages. With the help of AI-generated Conversation Summaries, users will be able to stay on top of important discussions and updates more easily than ever before.

Avatar Remix:  Discord has recently launched a new feature called Avatar Remix, which allows users to remix each other’s avatars using generative image models. With this new feature, users can customize their avatars in new and exciting ways, adding an extra layer of creativity to the Discord experience. One of the most notable things about Avatar Remix is that Discord has made it open source, which means that developers can access the code on GitHub and create their own avatar remixing tools. Overall, Avatar Remix is a fun and innovative addition to the Discord platform that encourages creativity and self-expression.

Discord has recently introduced a new feature called Whiteboard with AI Preview, which is aimed at improving collaboration and communication between users. The new feature includes a shared whiteboard that allows multiple users to draw, write, and brainstorm ideas in real-time.

Whiteboard with AI Preview:  One of the key highlights of Whiteboard with AI Preview is its AI-powered text-to-image generator. This feature enables users to convert text into images, making it easier to visualize ideas and explain complex concepts. The text-to-image generator uses advanced AI algorithms to analyze the text and create a relevant image that represents the content.

With the Whiteboard with AI Preview feature, users can work together on a single canvas, making it simpler to collaborate on projects and share ideas. This feature will be particularly useful for remote teams and online learning environments where users need to share ideas and collaborate effectively.


Discord’s introduction of an AI chatbot represents a significant step forward for the platform in terms of enhancing user experience and improving moderation capabilities. The new AutoMod AI feature will help keep Discord servers safe and free from harmful content, while the Conversation Summaries feature will make it easier for users to catch up on missed conversations.

Additionally, the Avatar Remix feature adds a fun and creative dimension to the platform, allowing users to customize their avatars in new and exciting ways. Finally, the Whiteboard with AI Preview feature, including an AI-powered text-to-image generator, will facilitate collaboration and communication among users. Overall, Discord’s use of AI technology is a positive development that should help make the platform more engaging, safer, and easier to use for all users.

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