Delhi Metro Viral Video: People Say ‘Aunty Molestation Accept Kr Legi, PDA Nhi’ Woman School Couples

Delhi Metro: An older woman was seen yelling at the two men, while other riders tried to calm things down. Most people on the Internet agreed with the couple and didn’t agree with what the woman said.

Gina Linetti from the famous show “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” once asked to turn her interesting “Tweets” (now “X”) into a book. But even her “Tweet book” couldn’t compare to the story that could be written about what goes on in the Delhi metro. At this point in time, the Delhi Metro has seen almost every kind of event, from the strange to the bad, that might make an interesting story for a book, a movie, or anything else. Recently, another clip from the Delhi metro made its way to the internet, and it went viral almost immediately. In the video, a middle-aged woman taught a young couple about PDA, which stands for “Public Display of Affection.” Most of the people there watched the woman yell at the two, while others tried to help. The Instagram user ‘vikass.nepalii’ posted the video with the description “Huge Respect For Auntie Jee.”

In the film, the older woman is seen scolding the young couple. When other people told her to stop talking about it, she said that she had been watching the girl for the past hour. She also said that the girl was tickling and touching her partner’s hair, which did not look ‘good’ in public.

Delhi Metro couple viral video

People shared the video because they thought it was funny. Some people also said that the older woman’s behavior was out of line and blamed her for making a fuss in the metro that didn’t need to be made. While some people agreed with what the woman said. The video was shared a few days ago, and fans have already given it 69K likes.

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The netizens shared their thoughts in the comments area. “Fun fact: When they see someone being abused, these aunties will keep quiet. What will happen to TB Bahaduri? “Where does all this courage go when things are like this?” asked one user. “When people fight in public, I always wonder where these aunts’ gyan goes. Another guy said, “Khulle main ladai varjit nhi hai lol.” “Dear Aunty, the next time you see a guy peeing on the road (probably your own husband), please tell him “acha nahi lagta beta”? What’s up with that, you guys? “I’m just asking,” a third person said. “These types of aunties won’t say anything even if they see someone being beaten to death right in front of them, but PDA is their limit,” said a fourth.

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