David Johansen Net Worth: Find Out About His Family, Age, Height and More Info! 2023

David Johansen Net Worth: Find out about David Johansen’s life, his family, his age, his height, and his work in this piece. On January 9, 1950, David Johansen was born. Find out about David Johansen’s biography and other things here.

David Johansen Biography

David Johansen is a good artist, and he likes music a lot. He makes up songs and sings them. David is also well-known for being able to act. The mom of David Johansen is Helen Johansen.

David’s fans also call him Buster Poindexter because he is such a great actor.

Johansen Net Worth

David Johansen has a net worth of $2.0 million. His business and his job are both ways for him to make money. But now, it is thought that David Johansen has a net worth of between three and five million dollars.

David Johansen Net Worth

Particulars Details
Net Worth 2 million dollar


It’s not talked about in many places. Everyone has talked about his income in a different way. So, we can say that he makes most of his money by singing, playing, and running a side business.

David Johansen Family

He married Cyrinda Foxe in 1977, but they broke up in 1978. After some time, he married Kate Simon in 1983, but they broke up again in 2011. After some time, he starts dating Mara Hennessey and ends up getting married to her. The status of David Johansen’s marriage is shown below.

Years Marital Status
2013 Mara Hennessey
1983-2011 Kate Simon
1977-1978 Cyrinda Foxe


Before getting married to Mara Hennessey, they started going out together. Ten years and six months ago, they moved in together. Research has shown that David Johansen had at least nine affairs before he married Mara Hennessey. David Johansen has had relationships both in private and in public, but we could tell you who he has been with in the past. So, he has been with both Paula Yates and Angie Bowie in the past. On social media, nothing is said about his children from past relationships or the one he is in now.

Particulars Details
Name David Johansen
Wife Mara Hennessey
Children Not Mentioned
Siblings Not Mentioned
Parents Name Helen Johansen

David Johansen Age

The age of David Johansen is 73 years since 9th January 1950.

Particulars Details
Age 73 Years

David Height

No place on social media does it say how tall David is. But we thought she couldn’t be taller than 5’2″.

David Johansen Net Worth

Particulars Details
Height Not Mentioned


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 David Johansen Career

David Johansen has made a living by singing, acting, and writing songs. The Proto-Punk Band of the New York Dolls made him well-known. They put out two records called “New York Dolls” and “Too Much Too Soon” after they joined the group.

Particulars Details
By Profession 1. Actor
2. Singer
3. Song Writing

But neither of these two records did as well as was hoped. These songs were written by Johansen and Jhonnu Thunders. Because of this, he and Jerry Nolan left the band in 1975. They put Peter Jordan, Chris Robison, and Tonny Machine on a team, and they kept working on their record. Then, Johansen went on tour as a solo artist. After that, they played shows, became very well-known in Australia, and did very well in their careers.

In his career, he has played parts in the following movies:

1 God Is on Their Side 8.1
2 Car 54, Where are You? 2.5
3 Let It Ride 6.8
4 Burnzy’s Last Call 6.2
5 Desire and Hell at sunset Motel 4.9
6 Nick and Jane 5.6
7 Campfire Stories
8 Above the Shadows 6
9 Scrooged 6.9
10 Freejack 5.4
11 Glass Chin 5.4
12 Crooked Lines 5.1
13 Up Your Legs Forever 5.8
14 Candy Mountain 6.4
15 Tales from the Darkside: The Movie 6.2
16 Mr. Nanny 3.8
17 200 Cigarettes 5.9
18 Naked in New York 5.5
19 Cats Don’t Dance 6.9
20 The Tic Code 6.7
21 The Weinerville Chanukah Special 6.7

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