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David Dube Net Worth: He is related to President Theodore Roosevelt through his son Archie, who was born in New York City on September 9, 1942. He is the head of the Boston-based company Roosevelt China Investments. Occasionally, he gives talks and writes about his great-grandfather. Mr. Roosevelt is now the head of the board of trustees for the Theodore Roosevelt Association.

David Dube Net Worth: $ 16 Million

Let’s look at the most recent report on David Dube’s net worth, income, and salary, which is given below:

Salary Per Year Per Month Per Week
Amount $400,000 $32,000 $8,000
  • Per Day: David Dube earns $1,140 per day. This means that on average, he earns $1,140 each day of the year.
  • Per Hour: David Dube’s income amounts to $19 per hour. This implies that for every hour he works, he earns $19.
  • Per Minute: David Dube’s income breaks down to approximately $0.3 per minute. This indicates that for every minute he spends working, he earns around $0.3.
  • Per Second: David Dube’s salary translates to about $0.05 per second. This means that every second he is working, he earns roughly $0.05.

David Dube Wiki

Net Worth $16 Million
Profession Art Department, Composer

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