Crushed Season 3 Release Date: Expected Plot, Cast and Where to Watch

Crushed Season 3 Release Date: Students at Lucknow Central Convent (LCC) are affected by their crushes, friendships, issues, and more. This was mostly shown in the Amazon mini TV web series rushed. In Mandar Kurundkar’s books, the 10th graders talk about a lot of firsts, just like in any other story. It’s simple, which makes it easy to understand and makes you feel good. There’s no question that this show will make you miss school. We haven’t decided when Season 3 of Crushed will come out yet. Find out more about the chance of a third season of Crushed by reading on.

Crushed Season 3 Release Date

We still don’t know anything about Crushed Season 3. Amazon Mini TV just got the second season of Crushed. People who like Dice Media and Amazon Mini TV really enjoy Crushed because it makes them think of the past and hits close to home. Amazon Mini TV hasn’t said anything about the show’s future or when it will be made in public. We’ll add new information about Crushed Season 3 as soon as it comes in.

Where to Watch Crushed Season 3?

You can watch Season 3 of Crushed on Amazon Mini TV. You will be able to watch Season 3, just like Seasons 1 and 2.

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Crushed Season 3 Expected Plot

A lot of different plots could be explored in Crushed Season 3 if it gets the go-ahead. One idea for the show is to center on Aadhya’s new friendship with Samvidhan. The two characters had a rough start to Season 2, but they got together in the end. Season 3 talks about the ups and downs of starting a new relationship and the happiness that comes with it.

Crushed Season 3 Release Date

One more idea is that Crushed Season 3 could be about Aadhya’s job. Aadhya got a new job as a content writer in Season 2. In Season 3, we might see how she deals with the problems at work and her own personal growth.

Last but not least, Crushed Season 3 could also look at Aadhya’s ties with her family and friends. During Season 2, Aadhya’s family and friends helped her and pushed her to become a better person. Season 3 could keep looking into these friendships and how important family and friends are.

The Cast of Crushed Season 3

Since Season 1 and Season 3 have the same plot, Season 3 may have the same cast as Season 1. Also, everyone in the group does a great job with their roles and being the people they’re supposed to be. Arjun Deswal plays Sahil Jaz Urvi Singh in the show, and Aadhya Anand plays Aadhya. David Jain plays Prateep, Anupriya Caroli plays Zoya, and Rudraksh Jaiswal plays Sam.

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Crushed Season 3 Trailer

There has been no news about the third season of Crushed yet, and the video has not been shared either. Have you seen the first and second seasons of this great show? If not, watch them on Amazon Mini TV on the weekends. The trailer for both seasons can also be seen on YouTube and in the Amazon Mini TV show. Some news sources say that the third season of Crushed will be the same as the first two seasons. Like the last two seasons, it will have six shows. Fans of this great series can’t wait to see the third movie in the series.


Crushed Season 3 is set to air on Amazon Mini TV, following the success of Seasons 1 and 2. The show, which follows students at Lucknow Central Convent, will explore themes of crushes, friendships, and issues. The third season may focus on Aadhya’s new friendship with Samvidhan, her job, and her relationship with family and friends. The cast includes Arjun Deswal, Aadhya Anand, David Jain, Anupriya Caroli, and Rudraksh Jaiswal. No news or trailers have been announced yet.

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