Courtney Love Net Worth 2023: Real Estate, Acting Career, Music Career and Her Personal Life!

Courtney Love Net Worth 2023: Courtney Love is an American singer, songwriter, and actor. She is also known by her full name, Courtney Michelle Love. As of 2023, Courtney Love has a $100 million net worth. In the 1990s, she was a part of the alternative and grunge music scenes. Her work has been going on for four decades. As the lead singer of the alternative rock band Hole, she became well-known.

People know about Love’s wild live shows and angry songs, as well as her well-known personal life after she married Kurt Cobain, the lead singer of the band Nirvana. In 2020, NME called her “one of the most influential vocalists in alternative culture over the past 30 years.”

Courtney Love Net Worth 2023

According to Source, American singer and actor Courtney Love has a net worth of $100 million. Love has definitely left his mark on the entertainment industry. He was a constant presence during the heyday of alternative rock music and helped start the band Hole.

Love has been called “the most controversial woman in rock and roll” by Rolling Stone magazine. She is also an actress and writer. In 1996, she won several awards for her role in “The People vs. Larry Flynt,” and in 2006, she released her autobiography, “Dirty Blonde: The Diaries of Courtney Love.”

Courtney’s wealth comes mostly from the share of Nirvana that she got from her late husband, Kurt Cobain. After Kurt killed himself, Courtney got his writing and publishing rights, which were worth $130 million and $115 million, respectively.

Courtney also owns a large number of Kurt’s personal items, like guitars, clothes, notes, and other things worth more than $120 million. In 2009, Courtney shocked the media when she said that almost all of the money she got from Kurt’s estate had been stolen or lost by accountants and bad financial managers. At the time, she said she had lost up to $500 million in real estate and $30 million in cash.

Frances Bean Cobain, Courtney, and Kurt’s daughter, took over as the main beneficiary of Kurt’s fortune, which could be worth as much as $200 million today, when she turned 18. In 2017, when Frances was getting a divorce, it came out that she had already gotten between $20 and $30 million from her father’s estate. This gave her a net worth of $11.2 million. Also, we found out that Frances gets an average of $100,000 per month just from her father’s music rights, which are called royalties.

Courtney Love Real Estate

In January 1994, Love and Cobain paid $1.48 million for an 8,200-square-foot home in Seattle. Courtney sold the house to a trust for $2.89 million in 1997, after tearing down the garden where Kurt killed himself. In 2019, the house went back on the market with a price tag of $7.5 million.

Love bought a house in Olympia, Washington, for $447,000 in 1995 and sold it for $319,900 in 2018. The house had been damaged by fire and had writing on it. Love has also bought and rented homes in L.A., and in 2011 she was kicked out of a Manhattan townhouse she rented for $27,000 a month because she damaged the inside of the house.

Courtney Love Career

Acting Career

Courtney’s first movie was “Sid and Nancy,” which came out in 1986. Since then, she has been in a number of movies, including “Man on the Moon” and “200 Cigarettes,” both of which came out in 1999. Her role as Althea Flynt in “The People vs. Larry Flynt” earned her a Golden Globe nomination and awards from the Boston Society of Film Critics, the Chicago Film Critics Association, the Florida Film Critics Circle, and the New York Film Critics Circle. She also won the Best Actress award at Outfest in 2001 for “Julie Johnson.” Love has also done a lot of work on TV, including regular parts on “Sons of Anarchy” and “Empire.”

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Music Career

Love started making music in 1982 with the band Faith No More, but she was kicked out of the group. Later, she made the band Pagan Babies, and when she moved to Los Angeles in 1988, she joined Eric Erlandson, Lisa Roberts, and Caroline Rue to make the band Hole. “Pretty on the Inside,” their first record, came out in 1991. “Spin” magazine said it was one of the 20 best albums of that year. Hole’s next album, “Live Through This,” was made with a new lineup that included Kristen Pfaff and Patty Schemel. It came out a week after Kurt Cobain died, in 1994.

Courtney Love Net Worth 2023

Pfaff died of a drug overdose two months later, and Melissa Auf der Maur replaced him as the band’s bassist. A year after it came out, “Live Through This” went platinum, and the band followed it up with “Celebrity Skin,” which got them 4 Grammy nods.

Hole broke up in 2002, but they got back together in 2009 and released “Nobody’s Daughter” the next year. From 2010 until late 2012, they went on a world tour. After Hole broke up, Love started a solo career with the help of Smashing Pumpkins frontman and producer Billy Corgan. However, both fans and reviewers didn’t like her 2004 album “America’s Sweetheart.”

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Courtney Love Personal Life

Courtney married singer James Moreland in 1989, but they split up later that year. She married Kurt Cobain, the lead singer of the band Nirvana, on February 24, 1992. Their daughter Frances Bean was born in August. Heroin was one of the drugs they liked to use the most, and Love was in rehab when Cobain killed himself with a gun on April 5, 1994. After a drug possession charge in 2003, Courtney briefly lost custody of her daughter. After several stays in rehab, Love announced that she had been sober for 18 months while accepting an Icon Award at the NME Awards in February 2020.

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Courtney Love is an American singer, songwriter, and actor with a $100 million net worth. She is known for her wild live shows and angry songs, and her personal life after she married Kurt Cobain. Frances Bean Cobain, Courtney Love’s daughter, has a net worth of $11.2 million and an average of $100,000 per month from her father’s music rights. Love has a successful acting career and a successful music career. Courtney Love started making music in 1982 with Faith No More, Pagan Babies, and Hole and later started a solo career with Billy Corgan. She married Kurt Cobain in 1992 and was in rehab when Cobain killed himself.

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