Conor McGregor Net Worth: Annual Income, Salary, Endorsements, Property and More Details

Conor McGregor Net Worth: Conor Anthony McGregor, an Irish professional mixed martial arts (MMA) star, is one of the best fighters ever in the ring. Because of how great he has been at the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Conor McGregor, as he is officially known, is one of the richest athletes in the world by net worth.

McGregor is known as “The Notorious” and is thought to be the biggest draw in mixed martial arts. He started fighting in the UFC in 2013, and even though he said he was retiring again in 2020, he came back the next year to fight.

While McGregor did break his leg in the UFC 264 match against American MMA star Dustin Poirier in July 2021, he has not been back to fight in the circular UFC ring. But he was back in the UFC early in 2023 as a teacher on the American reality TV show The Ultimate Fighter with Michael Chandler, an American mixed martial arts fighter.

In his personal life, McGregor is engaged to Dee Devlin, and they have three children together. They have been together since 2008 and are planning to get married. The family is often seen together, either on vacation or just hanging out with McGregor.

Conor McGregor Net Worth

It is thought that Conor McGregor‘s net worth is around £200 million. “Notorious,” on the other hand, says he has made more like £600 million over the course of his work. Money magazine Forbes named McGregor the richest athlete of 2021 after he sold his hugely successful whiskey business to Proximo Spirits for $600 million.

Conor McGregor Net Worth

But since getting hurt at UFC 264 in July 2021, the 34-year-old hasn’t been able to make money through fighting and has dropped to number 33 on the same list two years later. A new study by Statista says that McGregor wants to become a billionaire before his much-anticipated return. He wants to eventually beat Michael Jordan as the richest person in sports history.

Many people think Michael Jordan is the best basketball player of all time. During his 19-year career, he won six NBA titles, was named MVP six times in the NBA finals, and was named to 14 NBA All-Star teams. Even though the 60-year-old has made most of his money from working with Nike on Air Jordans, his net worth is thought to be $2 billion. “It motivates me that Michael Jordan is at the top. It’s the Jordan brand that got him there, and he’s worth billions of dollars,” McGregor told Megan Olivi in an interview.

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Conor McGregor Salary And Endorsements

Forbes says that Conor McGregor made $32 million in 2020 from his pay and wins, plus another $16 million from sponsored fights. He kept his deal with Reebok in 2018 and now makes about $5 million a year from it. More than one company, like Burger King, Beats By Dre, Monster Energy, EA (Electronic Arts), Wynn Resorts, and others, has backed Conor.

Conor McGregor Property

McGregor owns a lot of homes all over the world. Three years ago, one in Las Vegas was put on the market for $2,995,000. Conor owns a $2 million house in Dublin, Ireland, where he grew up.

Conor McGregor Net Worth

It’s called the Mac House. Besides that, he owns a house in Marbella, Spain, and football star Cristiano Ronaldo lives next door.

Conor McGregor Whiskey

The first batch of McGregor’s Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey sold out in just ten days after it came out in September 2018. Nearly 200,000 cases have been sent out so far, and you can buy them in the UK, Canada, Russia, Poland, and South Africa.

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Conor McGregor’s Early Life

The Irish man Conor Anthony McGregor was born on July 14, 1988, in Crumlin. As a kid, he was very good at sports, especially soccer. But when he was 12, he started going to a boxing club to train. Since 2006, when he was 17, Conor has been learning how to be a plumber. He learned about the UFC from his job, where he worked with boxer Tom Egan. Egan and McGregor started working out together right away.

McGregor learned boxing first, and then he trained with John Kavanagh and his team at SBG Ireland. Kavanagh was the first Irish person to get a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Besides competitive MMA, he has also learned Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Capoeira, and Kickboxing.


Conor Anthony McGregor, known as “The Notorious,” is one of the richest athletes in the world by net worth. He started fighting in the UFC in 2013 and has since returned to fight in the circular UFC ring. McGregor is engaged to Dee Devlin and they have three children. Forbes named him the richest athlete of 2021 after selling his whiskey business to Proximo Spirits for $600 million. McGregor’s net worth is around £200 million, but he wants to become a billionaire before his return. He owns several homes worldwide, including a $2 million house in Dublin, Ireland, and a house in Marbella, Spain.

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